When people think of American road trips, they often picture long drives through the desert, but one area that is becoming increasingly popular to explore is the Northwestern USA. Taking in the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, here are some of the reasons why this is the best area of the USA for a road trip.

#1. Northwestern USA offers impressive cities to explore

While many visitors come to the Northwestern area for the peace and scenery, the area has some colorful, cultural cities where you should aim to spend at least a couple of days. Sip coffee in Seattle and take in the views of the city at the top of the Space Needle, or head to Portland and enjoy the alternative culture and meet colorful characters. There are many city travel tours available in Norwestern USA and you can also rent a limo or a shuttle from websites like limofind.com to get you from one site to another.

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#2. Amazing Views

Driving through the Northwestern USA allows you to enjoy lush greenery, mountains, lakes, and rivers. It’s a beautiful place to visit all year round, whether you visit in spring when everything is in bloom, or in the winter when there’s a layer of snow. You certainly won’t be bored when driving place to place in the Northwest, and there are none of the long, monotonous roads you get in some areas of the USA. From Lake Pend Oreille , the largest lake in Idaho, to Thermopolis Hot Springs in Wyoming, the largest mineral hot spring on the Globe, there are so many things you can explore why touring this part of the continent.

#3. You can sleep in a national park

There are a number of national parks in the area, which means lots of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. In some parks, such as the Crater Lake National Park, you can camp on the outskirts of the park, enjoying feeling close to nature. If you book an RV rental in Seattle with Cruise America, you can drive out to the parks and have somewhere cozy to sleep, so you can enjoy nature all year round.

#4. There are a number of routes you can take

Depending on how long you have and how much you want to drive each day, there are many ways to see the Northwest. You’ll certainly find a lot of ideas for Northwestern road trips online, from a few days to multiple weeks, with the average trip being around a fortnight. Of course, different types of travelers will have different ideas of the perfect route. Some people like to stick mostly to the coast, enjoying the combination of rocky and sandy beaches and enjoying the small towns. Those who will be doing a lot of hiking might want to hop between the national parks, driving through dense forest roads and enjoying the evergreen scenery.

#5. Your chance to be active

In-between long stretches in the car, you’ll no doubt want to get out for some fresh air, and there’s plenty that can be done around the Northwestern USA. Whether it’s sailing or swimming in freshwater lakes or the sea, or going for hikes through forest trails, there’s plenty to do in the outdoors. The cold winters aren’t an excuse. Around the Cascade Mountains, you can ski or snowboard, as well as enjoy cross-country trails through breathtaking landscapes.


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