library restaurant, cafe Pushkin (1)Café Pushkin is a cozy restaurant in the center of Moscow, which integrates an old library. The restaurant is housed in a baroque mansion from the 19th century. The perfectly preserved interior design and the atmosphere revives the energy and passion of the aristocratic life from the early 20th century.

Café Pushkin is located on Tverskoy Boulevard, which had a powerful meaning in the life of Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Not far from here is the Museum of Oriental Art, the Pushkin Square and the Pushkin Theater.

library restaurant, cafe Pushkin (2)The restaurant consists of 3 halls on 3 levels, each revealing a perfect sample of the Russian baroque style. The highlight of the venue is the library room, where people are surrounded by wooden bookshelves, telescopes, terrestrial globes and ancient woodcuts.

Keep in mind that Café Pushkin is one of the most expensive places to eat in Moscow, but those who get here say that they are charmed by the Russian traditional cuisine complemented by classical music in the background.

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