Along with the growing fascination for the Middle Ages in the late 20th century, the Landshut Wedding became a well known medieval festival with great effects on the cultural traditions in the region and its aspects of living history. At every four years the medieval wedding is reenacted, and everyone gets carried away with medieval jousting, pageantry, feasting and wedding processions for a short period in the summer.

The Landshut Wedding Festival held in Landshut, Bavaria (Germany) is one of the largest historical pageants in Europe and it celebrates the “Landshuter Hochzeit 1475”, a wedding which took place in the 15th century between Hedwig, the Polish King’s daughter, and George, the son of the Duke of Landshut because it was seen as a strong alliance against the Ottoman Turks.

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The festival play in the Town Hall makes the visitors familiar with the exciting events of 1475. The concerts such as ”Laudate Dominum” acquaint them with Gothic music. The ‘masque’ is played, which is a burlesque  of medieval dancing and playing. In the tavern of the ”Steckengasse” spectators indulge in medieval life, enjoy music, food and drinks.

Festive games in the night camp give the guests an idea of the great festival. During the procession they cheer the bride, and on the tournament ground knights perform the jousting, showing their skills and courage.

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Today, the approximately 60,000 inhabitants of Landshut welcome about 600,000 to 700,000 visitors during the three weeks of the festivities with about 120,000 visitors watching the bridal procession. If you are interested about the medieval life and you intend to participate to this festival, the next “wedding” will be in the summer of 2013.

More historical information and other details about the festival you will find here.

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