Spending your night on-board an airplane might not be what most travelers dream of. But what if this airplane would not take off? The Jumbo Stay Hostel at Arlanda Airport near Stockholm, Sweden is one of the most original accommodation units we’ve seen so far.
travel Jumbo Stay Sweden According to the description provided by Jumbo Stay, the “hostel” you see in the photos below is a used out jumbo jet model 747-212B, initially built in 1976. Not only has the plane been completely restored inside-out, but it was also provided with a brand new, modern interior design, making it an interesting looking refuge for aviation enthusiasts, families with children and even for business people.

The aircraft is located just a few minutes away from Arlanda Airport (by shuttle bus). It features 27 rooms, each with a surface of 6 square meters and two bunk or twin beds. The price for a single bed begin at 50Euros- more than your common hostel accommodation, but o.k. for Swedish standards. I guess this is the type of stay you would choose for two main reasons: uniqueness and/or necessity (an early flight leaving from the airport for example).


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Jumbo Stay Stockholm (18)Jumbo Stay Stockholm room room Jumbo Hostel Stockholm Jumbo Stay Stockholm lounge area


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