Each year, Iglu-Dorf hotel comes to life during the winters in Bernese Oberland, Switzerland. It is one of the seven hotels of this kind in the whole world and it is entirely made with the help of a few enthusiastic people.

The Jan. 28, 2016 long-time exposure photo shows an Igloo at the "Igloo village" (Iglu Dorf) in front of the famous Matterhorn mountain in Zermatt, Switzerland. The hotel-igloo village made of snow and ice at 2'815 meters about sea level with a bar, a restaurant, bedrooms and wellness celebrates its 20th anniversary. (Jean-Christophe Bott/Keystone via AP)

Almost 3000 tons of snow are forming these igloo-like apartments. Rooms sometimes include works of art carved into the walls by artists from around the world. The lighting comes only from candles, providing a romantic atmosphere as well.


Adrian Günter built the first igloo here in 1996 and spent his first night inside, using his expedition sleeping bag. He was driven by the ambition to be the first person on the mountain early in the morning, in order to capture beautiful shots of the sunrise and find idyllic white, untouched snow for snowboarding.


Friends soon shared this little passion of Adrian and helped him build a lot more. People from the village and skiing tourists got really excited about the idea and asked for permission to sleep in these igloos. Inquiries increased and this resulted in Adrian’s business idea.


igloo dorf

Iglu-Dorf features an outdoor hot tub, a stylish igloo bar and a fondue restaurant. On arrival, guests are welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine and a small snack. Tea is served each morning in the igloos, and guests are spoiled with croissants, cooked meat, cakes, cereals, cheese and coffee. During the evening guests can enjoy the softness of cheese fondue while having the stars as a companion.


Open from Christmas until the first day of April, it can host 38 guests at a time, prepared for sleeping on sheepskins, designed to withstand temperatures of -40 degrees. Hotel management recommends just one night of stay here since the location has no running water.The cost per person in a standard room is 99 euros from Monday to Thursday and 115 euros from Friday to Sunday.

Be ready to visit them before the spring comes, when the sun will melt everything down!






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