While searching for a place to stay in London, things got complicated. We realized we wanted many things from our accommodation “hotspot”, the “root” of all our daily city walks and discoveries.

We craved for a crib slightly on a budget, with a great location and good services. But most of all, we needed a story and an atmosphere, one that would add value to our London tale.

Credits @Palmers Lodge

This intricate formula greeted us at Palmers Lodge. Their Swiss Cottage Hostel is located within walking distance from the lively Camden Market and 4 minutes away from the nearest subway station, which make it a perfect base for exploring the city.

Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage is set within the “luxury hostel” category, which means it merges affordable prices (ranging from $21 in a mixed dorm to $112 for a private room) with attention to design details and high quality services. There is a definite feeling of safety, space and comfort (even in dorms), which we rarely found in other hostels.

Credits @Palmers Lodge

There are many large socializing areas and they all have a special appeal. Concerts are being held on a regular basis and here is a friendly vibe throughout. We particularly liked the outdoor garden, where we took our breakfast in the morning.

As great as the services here are, the strongest feature of this London hostel remains its architecture and design. This is not your regular backpacker’s hideaway, but a place fit for royalty, nestled within the confines of a beautiful Victorian brick building.

As you go past the double-height entrance doorway, a refined world reveals itself. Exquisite details and decoration take you back to the 1850s and instantly want to make you discover more about the story behind. Luckily, an all-knowing receptionist was happy to help. We found out the building was once the residence of Lord George Palmer, from the British firm of biscuit makers Huntley & Palmers. Hence all the bohemian color-washed paintings and biscuit packages spread around the lounge areas.

Credits @Palmers Lodge
Credits @Palmers Lodge

For a virtual tour and more information, this is a witty hostel video presenting their services in sepia mode. To conclude, this is indeed a hostel for good tastes and friendly gatherings; we couldn’t recommend it more.


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