If there’s one place that never fails to alight the senses, the Caribbean is. And when it comes to dream holidays, the island of Cuba is a glittering gem in the Caribbean’s crown.

Bubbling over with character and charm, Cuba boasts a magnificent 300 days of sunshine a year with an average temperature of 25 degrees – how’s that for a sizzling summer holiday destination? Its beaches are the star of the show, made up of long swathes of silky soft sand that melts into sparkling bath-warm waters, watched over by gently nodding palm trees. It’s a beach-lover’s heaven. And when you’re ready to up the ante or slope off for a quiet dinner, Cuba has something for everyone – whether you’re after a bit of peace and quiet or a party-till-dawn atmosphere. It’s fair to say that if you’re looking for a slice of paradise, a holiday in Cuba it is.

There are plenty of ways to get to this holiday paradise and contrary to popular opinion, not all of them will break the bank. Naturally, a trip to Cuba is a touch more expensive than your average week in Spain or Greece. But thanks to a wide choice of holiday deals and discounts, it can help to make things a little bit easier.

Package holidays are a great way to get to Cuba. Not only is it one of the most hassle-free ways to travel, it can also be one of the most affordable, as all of the essentials such as flights and accommodation are included in the up-front cost. When you travel with a large-scale operator such as Thomas Cook, you’ll be privy to such delights as last-minute deals, early bird discounts and stacks of other Thomas Cook holiday offers too. So if you fancy soaking up the spirit of Cuba for yourself this summer, a package break could be just the ticket…



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