Keeping up with your fitness routine is a hard thing to do while traveling. However, these days the world in general has become more aware of the need people have to exercise, offering good options. Here are 6 fitness options that you can turn to while traveling, in order to ensure you keep up with your fitness regime.

#Body weight exercises: squats just about anywhere

Body weight exercises are effective exercises that do not require any equipment and this makes them ideal in many situations, such as traveling. Some exercises to try are: squats, push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, burpees, and planks.

#Local or hotel gym/room

Your accommodation stay may include access to a hotel gym, so that is worth planning ahead for. You also may be able to get a daily pass for a local or hotel gym, or book a class in a nearby fitness center. If you have enough space to move freely in your room, you can simply workout there doing body weight exercises.

#Exercises on the go

Exercise doesn’t always mean a standard workout in a gym. You can exercise while traveling in a number of ways, including hiking and walking around while sightseeing, taking the stairs, lifting/carrying your luggage, and any other activities. Many people find that they actually get more movement and walking in while traveling (for pleasure) than they do at home because they are so busy exploring a new area. If you are traveling for business, it is helpful to make it a part of your routine to get outside and walk even if it is just a couple laps around your place of business.


Its all about fitness apps these day. There are hundreds of different ones to chose from., ranging form yoga, walking and running to full body workouts. Some apps even offer programs that help you stick to your fitness goals and provide structured workouts based on your needs and the time you have available. For example, the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app offers tailored exercises like cardio workout for men, as well as many others that can be done anywhere and at anytime of the day.


Cycling forest

Every once in a while we try to find amazing cycling routes, perfect for both fitness and mental relaxation. Sometimes when traveling, a bike may be just one question away. Be on the lookout for bike tracks in the areas you visit. Who knows? Your holiday’s best adventure may be just a bike rent away.

 #Local sports

While you are visiting, checking out what local sport options there are is a great way to explore a place, workout and even meet new people. Sport clubs will have plenty of options, some chains have studios in a lot countries, like SoulCycle or Equinox for example.

#Travel-friendly options in the park

While traveling, a local park can make for an effective workout environment, bonus if there is fitness equipment available. You can also use a bench or bring along a jump rope and/or yoga mat.

Despite the busy schedule we might have ahead of us while traveling, it is not so hard to exercise. It is very possible to do workout with a low budget or even via free options that the city we’re in provides. So while you travel, whether it is for business or pleasure, let’s get that movement and activity in! It may even be a great time to try a new workout and get creative.


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