Tunnel of Love in Klevan (Ukraine) is the name given by local people to this fairytale track. It is not everyday you get in the train and find yourself surrounded by natural green arches, which is why we consider this sight in Kleven, Ukraine, special.

Most of the photos below were taken by Oleg Gordienko, who captured the Tunnel of Love in various seasons. Not much information is provided regarding this place, but from the photos, the green tunnel seems natural and not too large in length. The beauty of the place captured much attention, being perfect for a photography scene, a romantic walk or a kids’ play date.

Update: The unusual railroad track is located approximately 7 kilometers from the city Klevan. This is an industrial track for wooden work, employed three times a day. A new tourist legend says that couples who ride together through the green tunnel and make a wish will get what they want.

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