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Enjoy your meal in a cave restaurant, on a solitary cliff, in a tree, suspended high above the city…the list goes on and it is appetizing!

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Cliffside Dining: Äscher Cliff Restaurant, Switzerland

29 May , 2017  

Äscher cliff restaurant is nestled between steep-sided valleys and spectacular mountain peaks in Switzerland. This small wooden cabin merges with the rock behind in a perfect architecture balance. #Getting there You can access the restaurant by taking a cable car from Wasserauen-Ebenalp and the hiking for 15 min across the Wildkirchli caves. For the brave, […]

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Dine In The Dark, A Bizarre and Successful Restaurant Concept

28 Apr , 2017  

The idea of dining in complete darkness in a restaurant meant to raise awareness about people with impaired vision is bold and controversial. This concept originated in 1999, when the first “dine in the dark” restaurant was open by Jorge Spielmann, a blind clergymen in Zurich, Switzerland. He came up with the plan after noticing how people […]

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Hanged on a Solitary Cliff in the Indian Ocean: The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar

19 Apr , 2017  

Tourism on the Edge is about unconventional places from across the world, including places where eating is itself a way of exploring. On this note, we would like to present the magical Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar. And what better way to discover the taste of a different culture than dining in a small restaurant hanged […]


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Giant Vertical Garden Adds Life to Mexico City Hotel

3 Mar , 2016  

Whenever we see green details in a fashionable hotel, or luxurious venue of any kind, we get a sense of “normality”. This giant green panel was designed by the team at VERDEVERTICAL (literally translated “vertical green”), a Mexican shop specializing in vertical gardens. It enhances a boundary wall of a hotel located in the historic center of Mexico City, […]

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Café Pushkin, Moscow’s Library Restaurant

6 Feb , 2016  

Café Pushkin is a cozy restaurant in the center of Moscow, which integrates an old library. The restaurant is housed in a baroque mansion from the 19th century. The perfectly preserved interior design and the atmosphere revives the energy and passion of the aristocratic life from the early 20th century. Café Pushkin is located on […]

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5 Dazzling Eating Spots With London at Your Feet

11 Sep , 2014  

We are constantly on the lookout for spectacular perspectives. If you are planning on visiting London, here are five incredible ways to have a cocktail or enjoy a good meal with panoramic views of the city below: #1. Dinner in the sky Dinner in the Sky is hosted at a table suspended at a height of […]

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20 Beach Dining Spots to Inspire Your Next Holiday Escape

20 Aug , 2014  

“Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part.”– Hermann Broch Longing for its magic made us visualize soothing landscapes and hedonistic experiences. “Take some of the sea with you as you depart” now seems just like one of those motivational sayings that doesn’t […]

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Seaside Cave Restaurant at Hotel Grotta Palazzese, Italy

15 Apr , 2014  

Open from May to October, the Seaside Cave Restaurant at Hotel Grotta Palazzese in the town of Polignano a Mare in southern Italy promises unique dining. Naturally lit by the aqua marine reflectionfrom the waters, the summer cavern has been the scene of many a romantic moments since local nobility held banquets here in the 1700s.

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24 Cosy Hammocks That Will Make You Reminisce About Summer Days

22 Oct , 2012  

These lovely hammocks are dedicated to the best memories of this summer. To long walks on the beach, spectacular mountain lakes and unforgettable romantic moments. Reminiscing about all these calls for a special atmosphere. Well we believe the delightful hammocks in the gallery below will create the proper mood for this summer’s good memories, as […]

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Relax and Contemplate: 27 Breathtaking Infinity Pools Across the World

10 May , 2012  

We have to say we are not exactly fans of indoor pools. We would much rather take a jump in an open air natural spring or in a crystal clear sea water. However, these infinity pools did not leave us indifferent. Some of the them are natural, but most of the infinity edge pools in […]

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Restaurant Carved in Rock: Cova d’en Xoroi, Spain

22 Mar , 2011  

This is Cova d’en Xoroi, known to locals simply as the “Caves“: an impressive restaurant, romantically placed inside the beautiful cliffs of Cala n’Porter, on the southern coastof Menorca, a spectacular Spanish Island. Touched by history and always washed by the sea, this is a cave dug in mythology, full of corners waiting to be […]

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Playful Dining: Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand

8 Mar , 2011  

The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant is located in Auckland, New Zealand and was designed by architects Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlett from Pacific Environments Architects. There is room at the tables for 18 people in this original looking restaurant (plus the waiters); the kitchen and facilities are situated on the ground. Access is provided by a […]


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Hungry for Adrenaline? Dinner in The Sky, a Worldwide Thrilling Dining Concept

23 Feb , 2011  

Dinner in the sky is an intriguing dining concept operating in various cities around the world. The idea of a “suspended” restaurant came from David Ghysels, Belgium, who created a unique dining “custom” which uses a crane to hold  its dinners, as well as the table and waiters 50 meters into the air. Dinner in […]

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Restaurant in a Wooden Shell Served via Zip-Line: The Dining Pod, Thailand

29 Nov , 2010  

The Dining Pod at Soneva Kiri (a “six star” eco-resort) is located in a picture-perfect landscape on Koh Kood, Thailand’s fourth largest island. Suspended 16 feet (about 5 meters) over the shoreline, the Dining Tree Pod has some incredible views to offer for the couple seated at the table inside. Developed with a rigid frame swathed […]

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