Whenever we see green details in a fashionable hotel, or luxurious venue of any kind, we get a sense of “normality”. This giant green panel was designed by the team at VERDEVERTICAL (literally translated “vertical green”), a Mexican shop specializing in vertical gardens.

It enhances a boundary wall of a hotel located in the historic center of Mexico City, a place that has a huge deficit of green areas.
green panel restaurant

The artistic concept behind this work is a traditional park, carried to a vertical plane. And since this wall was created as “an extension of public space”, a bike is suspended in the air.

The project is named “Oda a Burle Marx” and spreads over a surface of 180 sqm (1937.5 square feet). Hope we will agree that observing the details of this mural “painting” while having a drink is a bit like magic.

green wall restaurant




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