Caravanning is very popular in the UK, especially in England. Parks and campsites receive more than GDP 9.3 billion every year from this industry alone, and it employs over a hundred thousand people.

While some might call it a modern or extravagant form of camping, which it might be, caravanning can be quite an enjoyable holiday experience. And in case you are planning to try it out on your next visit to England, here are a few tips that will make the experience even more enjoyable.

#1 Learn the Etiquette

Given how big Caravanning is in England, and the United Kingdom, people there will expect you to behave in a certain manner whenever you are on one of these trips or caravan campsites.

Make sure you are not being a nuisance to your neighbors. Keep the music down, tell your children not to go wild with the ball, keep your dog in check, and avoid walking through or past your neighbor’s pitch for no reason.

You must also respect the rules and regulations set by the campsite. For instance, park only in your pitch and not anywhere else. Keep shared facilities like the toilets, showers, and laundry stations clean. Also, behave responsibly; do not do or let any of your friends or family members do anything that is socially unacceptable. Click here for some great beginner tips on caravanning adventures.

You will find people of all ages on these caravanning trips. So you must be on your best behavior. Break too many rules, and the campsite authorities can kick you out of there. And with COVID restrictions, you are expected to follow additional caravanning guidelines in the UK along with the existing rules.

#2 Pick a Location Near the Countryside

The right way to go caravanning is by picking a location far from the city and closer to the open countryside. Use this as an opportunity to run away from all the troubles of urban life.

Most caravan parks and campsites are usually located away from the city; you will have to drive at least a couple of hours to get to these sites, depending on where you live. Some of the most popular caravan parks and motorhome campsites in England include the King’s Lynn Caravan and Camping Park, King’s Lynn; The Willows, Tewkesbury; Lady’s Mile Holiday Park, Dawlish; Lamb Cottage Caravan Park, Northwich; and Lucksall Caravan & Camping Park, Herefordshire.

#3 Prepare for the Weather

The weather in England is usually rainy. The British climate calls for rain almost throughout the year. Looking at the weather data of the last few years, you can see just how much it rains in this country.

Since campsites are open year-round, you should prepare yourself for the weather accordingly. During the winter, you probably need to pack warm clothes along with an electric heater (if it is not already available in the caravan). For the rainy season, you need to be a bit extra.

Before planning your trip, you must always check the weather forecast. At the site, you must have rain jackets and umbrellas with you. Although the caravan will keep you dry, you will not want to sit in there through the trip. So even if it rains, you will still be able to enjoy the outdoors in your raincoats or under the umbrella.

#4 Modernize Your Caravan

The modern caravanner needs a modern caravan. In this regard, you might want to make some changes to your mobile home. If a major upgrade is in order, there are various motorhome financing options available.

Start with the upholstery. Spending around a thousand pounds, you can pretty much change everything inside the caravan, like the bed, couch, and carpeting. After that, go for the lighting and the curtains. Get blinds that can block the light, but will still look good with your caravan’s interior theme. For lighting, LEDs are the best option. They are cost-efficient, and you can arrange them however you like.

Once the interior is done, give your caravan a nice wrap if it suits you. You will come across hundreds of caravans in the park, and you will want to make yours stand out. The best way to do that is by adding a nice wrap.

Finally, make sure all your security features are working properly. From the alarm system to your door and window locks, everything should be in order. On top of that, the cabinets inside the caravan should have separate locks as well.

That will do for now. Your caravanning trip will be very enjoyable and fulfilling if you can stick to these tips.


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