When you’re lucky enough to have travelled all over the world you get used to the idea that not everything will always go to plan. You might lose your passport in Paris, be targeted by a pickpocket in Peru, or get sick in Seoul. While it’s true that you can’t always be in control of every aspect of your holiday, most travellers expect to at least make it to their destination before anything does go wrong! So, when you get the news that your holiday has been cancelled, it can flag up all kinds of problems and issues that you now have to deal with. You’ll find a very helpful infographic about what to do if your holiday is cancelled if you visit this site.

Worrying about the financial loss of a cancelled holiday is terribly stressful and frustrating, especially because it can feel like you’re not in control of the situation. How will you get your money back? How long will it take? What about the time you were planning to take off work? But if you act quickly then you’ll be able to get your money back as soon as possible. Whether it’s your flights that have been cancelled or your complete holiday package, you’ll find some helpful tips and advice provided in the infographic below. Check it out.

The infographic was put together for UK, but most of the tips have a correspondence in other countries as well. We hope you will find it useful, or at least approach it as a starting point in your planning.

Holiday Cancellation




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