Camden is a district in the northwest of London that is famous for its market and culture. It is renowned with old-timers and teenagers alike. The nightlife is really something to experience with live music in pubs and clubs and famous bands performing in the Roundhouse and Jazz Cafe.

Here’s the ultimate guide to planning a relaxing trip to the cultural heart of London.

# When is the Best Time to Visit Camden?

Camden is a place that you can visit any time of the day, any day of the week, and in all kinds of weather. However, if you don’t like crowds, go there on weekdays as weekends can get a little too busy because of the more than 27 million people visiting this district annually.

Visiting on weekends has its own perks, though. There are more food stalls open in the area, and the many locals and visitors make it a rich experience.

If you want to experience the nightlife, the best time is the weekends.

# Getting to Camden

If you are in London, getting to Camden is really easy. If you are from outside London, plan the journey to London, and from there you can easily get to Camden by any of the following ways:

  • Via Camden’s tube station, from the Northern Line tube line.
  • Via the Overground Line called the Camden Road.
  • Drive to Camden in your own car.

# Things to Do in Camden

Camden is full of things to do and places to see, but the thing we are focusing on here is the crazy nightlife this town is famous for. If you want to experience that, here are the places you need to include in your visit to Camden.

Electric Ballroom

The Electric Ballroom has been one of the most significant places in the music scene of Camden since the 1930s. It has an ideal location, on Camden High Street, with the Camden City Tube Station just a minute walk away.

Here, you can experience both emerging and established artists. The best time to visit this establishment is on Saturday Nights when they host the weekly indie-rock party called Propaganda. Make sure you don’t have to be somewhere on Sunday morning because this party will go on till 3 am.

Camden Underworld

If you want to dance the night away to rock music, visit this music venue on a Friday or Saturday night. It is located in the basement of The World’s End, a pub that has been an icon of Camden for hundreds of years.

The music scene here consists of metal, punk, screamo, and everything in between.


KOKO started as the Camden Theatre in the 1900s and has since been named many different things, including Camden Palace and the Music Machine. With a capacity of 1,500, it is one of the largest music venues in all of London.

KOKO is a nightclub that has brought different genres of music to Camden, which historically had a rock-heavy music scene.

The usual music here consists of live grime artists and soul nights, while Friday nights are reserved for a weekly hip-hop bash.

Jazz Cafe

This cafe is the home of Jazz, soul, and disco in London. Live music is played here, seven days a week, and the cafe invites both local and international artists to grace the stage.

While it is an excellent location to experience music and nightlife any day of the week, the soul-themed weekend nights are the best time if you want to dance the night away.

We suggest you include experiencing Camden culture in your list of things to do in Camden, as the city has much more to offer than just nightlife.

Camden High Street

This is the main road that passes through the heart of Camden. If you come out of the Tube Station and turn left, you’ll find yourself on Camden High Street. The street starts with some upscale shops that slowly transition into family-owned businesses with picture-perfect storefronts.

You can find everything from selfie sticks to tattoo artists and London memorabilia to vintage shops and punk clothing.

Camden Market

The real shopping scene of Camden is not on the High Street but on the Camden Town Market. It is an excellent place to wander and get lost in, as it is a massive maze of stalls and shops. You’ll find a lot of cloth and accessories sellers here. The best thing about this market is that it is equally interesting and engaging for people of all ages.

Camden Street Food Market

All that wandering will get you hungry, and when you get hungry in Camden, you don’t go to a fine dining restaurant; you head to the street food market. With a vast amount of different types of food stalls, you will definitely find something to eat no matter your taste. Just make sure it is not raining when you decide to eat in this market because there is not much cover.

# Staying in Camden – Hostels

The nightlife of Camden does not end in the pubs and nightclubs. The hostels are a part of it too. The area has a lot of hostels where tourists, especially youngsters enjoying the nightlife, can stay. Make sure to book accommodations in advance because the best hostels in Camden London are quickly fully booked. See what other tourists are up to and get suggestions from them about enjoying the essence of Camden to the fullest. You can also search for alternative accommodation near the big city.

To Sum it Up

Camden is an area of London known for its markets and nightlife. You can visit it any time of the year, any day of the week. However, if you want a calm and quiet experience, go on weekdays and for the crazy nightlife, weekends are the best. The most iconic places for enjoying the nightlife are Jazz Cafe, KOKO, Camden Underworld, and Electronic Ballroom. Stay at a hostel to get the most affordable and engaging accommodation.


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