Many of you are wondering if motorhomes and bikes make the right pair. The bike, like the motorhome, is not only a means of transport but a very particular way of life. You can move where you want and especially when you want. Do you like to cycle during your vacation? Would you like to go on holiday with a motorhome, but you don’t know how to take the bikes with you? Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, transporting bikes in motorhomes is easier than ever before. There are various options about how to upgrade your bike travels , and we are happy to explain them. In this article, you will teach how to travel with bikes in your motorhome.

#Transport your bikes easily

Bringing your bikes everywhere can be easy-peasy! To take your bikes on a motorhome trip, you can use two of the most common ways. The first one is a rack (capacity of 2 to 4 bikes), and the second is cargo hold (capacity of 1 to 4 bikes). To increase the storage capacity of the vehicle, you can also attach a trailer to the hitch of the motorhome where you can also put your bikes.

#Bike racks for your car/motorhome

The motorhome racks are usually attached to the rear wall and are aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. Holding bars, tilting tray, rails, ratchet straps with pumps…choose the top quality accessories to ensure safe transport. Another advantage is the anti-theft lock. You can stop on the freeways without fear of seeing your bikes disappear. These are securely tied, you can go on the roads serenely!

No matter which rack model you choose, always pay attention to a high-quality of a bike rack and proper handling. A proper car bike rack is a transport rack that allows the entrainment of bicycles on the motorhome. Mostly, bikes are attached to the back of the camper. However, one distinguishes between fixed mounted models and easily detachable transport racks. Fixed bike rack for the motorhome must be entered as a vehicle extension in the vehicle documents. On the other hand, detachable bike racks are considered as cargo and are excluded from this obligation.

#Rear bicycle carriers

As the name suggests, this carrier is attached to the rear of the motorhome. Depending on the model, it’s attached either directly on the tailgate or on the chassis. They are usually mounted by screws. But there are also systems that enable attaching the bike rack to clamping or glueing. Note, however, that most rear carriers are approved for certain vehicle models only. Most rack models are height adjustable. That’s a big advantage because it makes them much easier to load.

#Roof bike racks for cars/motorhomes

The next solution is to attach bicycles to the roof of the motorhome. The bikes can be transported upright with a roof rack. If you have a roof rack installed, pay attention to low entrances – after all, you do not want to damage your bicycles accidentally!

#Accessories for transporting bikes in motorhomes

The weather can damage your bikes or make them dirty. To protect them during the journey and even during your stay, discover all the essential accessories. To transport bikes in automatic motorhomes, first, equip yourself with a protective cover. Reinforced, lightweight, water repellent, adjustable thanks to its straps, the cover protects your bikes throughout the trip. Rain and shine, your bikes are safe. Another essential accessory: the road sign. You must hang it to indicate that you are carrying bicycles. It’s light, it’s easily attachable and allows you to be seen from afar. In addition, it’s mandatory in many countries.

#Basic regulations when attaching bicycle racks to the motorhome

  • Make sure that the brake lights are visible
  • The license plates can’t be covered, if necessary, an additional license plate must be attached
  • Check that the bike racks are designed for your motorhome model
  • Spare parts and accessories are only available from reputable manufacturers. If you run into trouble on the way, you can either apply easy fixes at an auto repair service or even trade your vehicle with engine issues.
  • There are different bicycle carriers: rear, roof, and trailer rack. Which model you choose depends on your vehicle model, the size, number of bikes and of course, of your budget.
  • Additional accessories for your motorhome bike carrier
  • If you already have a bike rack, you can complete it with practical accessories. For example, there are some bike rack extension kits available on the market, which allows you to add a third bike if necessary.
  • For the safety of your bikes, you can equip yourself with a sliding safety strap. It will securely hold the bicycles so they can be transported safely


bike travel

Thanks to various bicycle racks, it’s quite easy to travel with bicycles during your motorhome holidays. Also, such travelling has many advantages: you are flexible and can really enjoy the regional or cultural offerings of your destinations, you can also choose the campsite that best suits your needs and desires – depending on where your journey takes you. Whenever you leave for your trip, wonderful impressions await you. We wish you a nice time with your bicycles!


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