We are not much of a fishermen here on Tourism on the Edge. In fact, we always wondered how can fishing compete with adventure travel, or with the plain act of exploring the open road. So we decided to do a little research on this apparently way-to-calm activity which we usually correlate with bohemian fishing villages.

As you probably have already guessed, we found some interesting benefits of fishing:

# Fishing Boasts Creativity

You’d probably never link fishing to being creative, but this ancient aquatic hunting ritual is more than just sitting around waiting on a fish to bite.

The act of fishing takes focus and concentration, and these skills are actually enhanced by the natural environment. While you’re in nature, breathing in oxygen-rich air, you’re also surrounded by negatively charged ions produced by gently moving water. This creates an alteration in brainwave patterns and is known to enhance focus and thought.

In fact, simply by staring at the water you may become pacified, or delve deep into the corners of the mind where your most creative source dwells. Not only are you communing with nature while you’re fishing, you’re performing an act of self-care. So, check out a Bass fishing guide and go get outfitted. It’s time to tap into your creative source.

# Physical Benefits

Fishing can help your lungs get a good fitter. How’s that? What? Well, it seems the rhythmical coming and going of the fishing rod engages your muscles, which creates a bit of aerobic exercise. In fact, fishing loses about 200 kcalories an hour. That is quite impressive and equals about 18 minutes of slow jogging.

If you are in the morning sun, what better way to catch up on Vitamin D? That has a domino effect, as it boasts your immune system, bone health and also improves your sleep.

# Concentration, Stress-Release, Unplugging

We put all these let’s call them- ’emotional benefits’ together, as they all contribute to an overall state of unwinding. A few hours of fishing can bring one to a much needed meditative state, where the mind clears up of all clutter. This clever brain ‘restart’ helps with concentration and stress relief.

# Socializing

fishing benefits

Take your friends out fishing and enjoy the connection this activity can offer. Sure, you will not be able to laugh out loud or make crazy noises as your fiend’s fishing rod comes out with a lush mountain boot, but you can take advantage of a different type of connection. One based on nodding, whispering and eye contact. And if this sounds all too romantic for your, feel free to bring a date.

These being said, don’t be surprised if we will be coming up with some fishing articles in the following months. It seems this sport is a bit underrated when it comes to adventure travellers and we’d very much love to give it a chance.

What is your personal relationship with fishing? Have you tried your luck yet?


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