Australia is home to some of the best wines consumed globally. The beauty of these wines is that you can enjoy the exquisite differentiating taste from dry, crisp Rieslings to spicy Shiraz. That’s not all. There’s also sauvignon Blanc, chardonnay, rose and pinot noir that you can hardly miss. All these and much more can become enjoyed in the well-known hunter’s valley, Margaret River, Adelaide valley, Tasmania, and Barossa Valley, among others. You can read more here about the unique experiences offered by each Australian wine region. In the mean time, here are some things you probably didn’t know:

#Canberra district is a well-kept secret

Within these wine regions lie lesser-known wine destinations making headlines in the Australian viticulture scene. One of these must-visit placest is the Canberra district.There’s more to the region than producing politicians and government types. It’s also home to 140 vineyards and a tight group of 40 wineries. Canberra offers the finest Shiraz with some tinge of spice.

#Riverland has an abundant collection of old vines

Would you like to discover the roots of wine? It would be best if you headed out to Riverland, Barossa, as it’s one of the most impressive regions with the most extensive collection of old vines in Australia. It also offers a unique edgy and truly different feel. It’s an interesting stop as producers seek to increase their organic output. It’s also a region known to challenge the Aussie wine norms.

#Producers run Australian wineries

Have you ever wondered who runs the fantastic wineries within the region? It’s the owners who get hands-om with the viticulture and vinification. Producers are vital in producing organic wine all through and thus offer nothing but stellar products. Young winemakers come from far and wide to reap knowledge from the wine experts. You also need to know that most of the wineries tend to show their ancestry. These winemakers often play a great deal in determining the wine sweetness during or after the fermentation process.

#Cabernet sauvignon rules the roost in Coonawarra

Coonawarra might not be receiving as much tourism or media funding as hunter valley, Margaret River, or Barossa, but it sure has some of the most prominent brand vineyards. Cabernet Sauvignon makes almost 58% of the total area under vine. You can enjoy some of the favorite cabernets from Raidis Estate, Zema Estate, Partick estate, Wynns Coonawarra, and the brand’s Laira. As much as cabernet sauvignon dominates in Coonawarra is also grows exceptionally well in the Claire Valley, Margaret River, and Tasmania. Another interesting fact is that Tasmania has been winning wine awards since 1840.

The bountiful wine regions which Australia is yours to explore. If you are planning a quick getaway, you can get to enjoy an excellent weekend detour to the impressive Australia wine regions. Each region is immediate, and you can read more here as you plan for a holiday. It’s a chance to have an excellent experience as you savor each moment with a sip of wine.


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