Adventure Holidays in the Grand Canyon are the best way to experience its landforms, taking in the impressive sites and engaging face to face with raw nature.

The Grand Canyon is a natural exhibition of nearly two billion years of the Earth’s geological history. The Colorado River and its tributaries cut deep channels through layer after layer of rock and it marks the conflict between two of the world’s largest tectonic plates. Any trip to the Grand Canyon is an undoubtedly memorable experience, yet if you really want to gain a connection with the land and understand the geology of this amazing environment, an adventure tour may be for you. Indulging in a horseback ride, a downhill mountain bike route, a long trek, or taking a helicopter to see the Canyon from above is by far the best way to see and get to know the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most fantastic landscapes for any hiking holiday.

Grand Canyon National Park Windy Ridge South Kaibab TrailThere are hundreds of trails throughout the Grand Canyon National Park catering for hikers of all abilities and levels of fitness. You will love the sound of the hot dusty earth crunching at the bottom of your feet and when you reach a peak of a mountain staring into a maze of valleys and gorges you can feel as if you are alone in one of the most amazing landscapes in the world.


Take A Helicopter Ride
Seeing the Grand Canyon from the ground will undoubtedly take your breath away, but getting a bird’s eye view of the National Park is the ultimate way to appreciate the vastness and the geological severity of this gargantuan landscape. Fly alongside eagles as you look down on the red earth below and the giant chasm that is the Grand Canyon.

Horse Riding
Horse trekking can be one of the greatest ways to see the landscape. You can cover huge amounts of ground and the viewpoint from on top a horse gives you an alternative perspective of the landscape, as you ride through the scenery made famous in old Western movies and trodden by the Navajo Indians for thousands of years.


Mountain Biking
If you are looking for a thrill, mountain biking can be one of the most exciting ways to experience the Grand Canyon and it is certainly one way of getting the most out of the geology. The Dusty Earth makes it an ideal surface for downhill biking and there are plenty of routes available.

Rock Climbing

Grand_Canyon_Rock_Climbing_mdThe Grand Canyon National Park is famous for rock climbing. The diversity of geological structures available means there are plenty of sites catering for a range of abilities.

Visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk
Situated 4,000 feet (1,219 meters) above the Colorado River, Grand Canyon Skywalk is an ingenious structure, completed in 2007.

skywalk-grand-canyon-arizonaThe concept is simple: you walk on a transparent pathway above the canyon and you feel like literally walking the sky. Intrigued? Check out our post on Grand Canyon Skywalk for more details and photos.

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