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9 Engaging Things to do in Porto on a Budget

12 Apr , 2016  

One month of living in Porto (Portugal) is enough to make you nostalgic for life. This city is both bohemian and hard working, imposing, yet extremely friendly. If you are planning a trip to Porto, consider yourself lucky: you are in for a treat. To make things easier, we listed a few things you can […]

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Vibrant London Landmarks: Portobello Market and Chinatown

15 Aug , 2014  

  Portobello Market in West London is visited every Friday and Saturday by nearly 100,000 guests. Representatives of every single nation in the world stroll past a mile-long strip of multicolored Victorian homes, attracted by the vibrant spirit. Nearly 150 years old, Portobello Road Market started out as a village and its old charm is […]

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Portofino, Italy, A Pitoresque Mediterranean Village

1 Jul , 2010  

Portofino is a small Italian fishing village and tourist resort at the Mediterranean Sea, located in the province of Genoa on the Italian Riviera. It is said that Portofino was founded by the Romans who first named the place “Portus Delphini” (“Port of the Dolphin”), because of the dolphins that inhabited the area. With its […]

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Hidden Treasure-Town in Europe Built on Canals: Aveiro , The Venice of Portugal

27 Apr , 2015  

Narrow streets, colorful heritage buildings, waterfront eating venues, sandy beaches and friendly vibes-these are some of the defining aspects of Aveiro, a “hidden treasure-town” in Portugal. Not one of the most highlighted destinations on the world traveler’s map, this city is said to offer an “alternative Portugal” to those venturing here from Porto (located just […]

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6 Major Events in London to Witness This August

17 Jul , 2013  

London will fire up this August with a series of concerts, theater plays and original film festivals. For today’s post we chose six major events that we know we’d love to attend. #1. Movie fans, gather up! The Film4 Summer Screen (8-21 August) at Somerset House is the place where movie eclecticism meets 14 nights […]

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Designed from Memory Sketches of the Mediterranean: Portmeirion, North Wales

11 Mar , 2013  

Portmeirion, located in North Wales, Great Britain, is a distinctive village not just because of its remote position or secluded way of life, but due to its architecture innovation as well. Born from an unrestrained wish to bring history and beauty back home, Portmeirion is the “result” of the creative mind (and generous financing) of architect […]


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10 Small Town and Village Locations to Consider When Traveling to Europe

19 Mar , 2012  

Since most of you appreciate unconventional tourism, we figured we would dedicate a post to small town and villages, as a holiday alternative to crowded, famous cities. When traveling to Europe this year, why not consider experiencing the charm of a small medieval town, or the heath of a fresh mountain village? Why not take […]

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Bled Island, Slovenia’s Picturesque Wedding Location

21 Feb , 2011  

Bled Island is located on Lake Bled, a glacial lake in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. It is the only natural island in Slovenia and it is well known for its unique location. Placed in a picturesque environment, with snowy mountains or green forests all around, the Bled island is a magical place, waiting […]


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Probably the Most Spectacular Beach in the World: Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

4 Jul , 2010  

 Zakynthos Island is a place where there is a lot to see and a lot to do – hiking, scuba-diving, swimming are just some of the tips we can give you. This is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a holiday to remember. In this post we will concentrate on the landmarks that […]

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