Aveiro travel Portugal
Narrow streets, colorful heritage buildings, waterfront eating venues, sandy beaches and friendly vibes-these are some of the defining aspects of Aveiro, a “hidden treasure-town” in Portugal. Not one of the most highlighted destinations on the world traveler’s map, this city is said to offer an “alternative Portugal” to those venturing here from Porto (located just an hour away).

An industrial metropolis but also a picturesque town, Aveiro has a complex personality. Built on a networks of channels, the place is also known as the”Venice of Portugal”. Aside from being the obvious “basecamp” for visiting the beach-side havens of Barra and Costa Nova, it has a special holiday vibe of its own.
Aveiro, Portugal
It is difficult to imagine that Aveiro was once a large harbor. Nowadays, a long highway connects the city from the shore, crossing over a lagoon that was once the fore-mentioned port.

The compact center of the city is great for discovering on foot, at a slow pace. You can take a canal cruise with the famous “Molicieros”, the distinctive colorful boats that roam the canals. When not in use, these boats are beautifully anchored, providing great photographic landscapes for visitors.


The exceptional Museu de Aveiro and the Largo de Praca do Peixe are two of Aveiro’s highlights. Sea fruit restaurants are basically everywhere and travelers here should not miss out on the local cakes and bakery goodies.


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