Hiking is more than a sport, it is your cheap ticket to a memorable and meaningful escape. Those who have busy work always find joy and relaxation thru hiking. Family members may have an opportunity to strengthen their bonds, making it a social activity as well.

For the ones planning to go hiking in the US, check out the following 5 amazing hiking trails in the United States you need to try once in the lifetime.

1. Harding Icefield Trail, Kenai Fjords National Park

Photo credit: National Park Service

The hiking trails in the United States are always appreciated as trails that international explorers desperately want to conquer. The first place in the list comes from Alaska. I am a person from the tropics, which is probably what makes the Harding Icefield contained within an area of ​​300 square miles amazing.

This ice field is one of the remaining ice fields in the United States. It is also the largest ice field with annual snowfall reaching 400 inches. Located in the Kenai Fjords National Park, this 8-mile long trail makes visitors wonder. With every mile, hikers have the opportunity to watch the majestic beauty of the Harding Icefield. Also, you may also be lucky to see black bears on either side of the road. Just remember how to act if you want both you and the bear end up safely.

2. Mist Trail, Yosemite Park

Photo credit: yosemite.com

Mist Trail is one of the most famous hiking paths in California. This road is located inside Yosemite Park. To get here, you can rent a car from San Francisco with (4-hour drive) or from Sacramento (3-hour drive). The route from the city to Yosemite is regularly maintained so travel time will not be fixed. You should check the route information before your trip.

When you begin the journey, you will encounter the Merced River in a U-shaped valley. Continue your adventure; you will meet two famous attraction of Yosemite National Park: Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall. Vernal Falls is 96.6 meters high while Nevada Falls has an amazing height of 181 meters. There are some accidents that have been reported as swimming in the upper cascades. So the authorities have warned tourists that such activity here is risky.

3. Ewoldsen Trail, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, California, the Ewoldsen Trail is a popular tourist destination. To get here, you must first reach the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park located 37 miles south of Carmel. At the top of the road it will feel quite crowded. However, about 20 minutes after the start of the journey, the number of visitors will be reduced because most of them are just there for the picnic. Get the camera ready! Because you will encounter a stunning waterfall.

Canyon Falls is often compared to its relative, McWay Falls. I am extremely impressed with this less-known waterfall. Its size is not so great, but the quiet atmosphere helps me relax.

4. Templeton Trail, Coconino National Forest

Photo credit: DEB WEINKAUFF

Templeton is a popular trail in Sedona, Arizona. People come to this trail not just for hiking, but to enjoy horse riding and cycling. The total length of the trail is 3.4 miles and is connected to other trails such as Baldwin, Bell Rock, Pathway and Cathedral Rock.

Hiking here, you will be overwhelmed with the open space. A massive area made up of red rock buttes and wildflowers is the perfect breeding ground for relaxation. As opposed to the other hikes, you can also bring your dog along on Templeton.

5. Hoh River Trail, Olympic National Park

Photo credit: Pacific Northwest Trail Lovers

My final destination will give you a ticket to come to a temperate rainforest. Difficulty to visit here is very low. It seems that everyone from newcomers to the experts can find themselves having fun here. With a one-way length of 17.3 miles, the hiker will experience the things that only appear in the temperate rainforests. Along the trail, wildlife in the area is still strictly preserved. Many people are unbearably excited about seeing places like Tom Creek and Happy Four Shelters.

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# Photo credit featured image: Kenny Karst (National Park Service)


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