When was the last time you had a holiday to remember?  Exciting and memorable traveling usually happens if you try a bit in having a meaningful contribution. Planing a trip does not take very long and could lead to some incredible results. Here are 10 small tips that you should keep in mind for an unforgettable journey. Tell us if you have any other suggestions.


#1. Choose a place where you have never been before. Whether it is a new small town or village, a new mountain top or a new country, going somewhere new makes every single moment of your journey an exciting exploration. Discovering is always cool, especially when you have your friends close by or when the places you are visiting have a lot of surprises along the way.

#2. Choose a place that is not too populated. This way your traveling experience will be genuine and you will feel like the ruler of your surroundings.  Hikers and trekkers surely know what we are talking about. When you are out there on the mountain, it seems like you have the whole world standing docile at your feet and nothing seems impossible anymore.


#3. Take only the things that are truly necessary and don’t forget anything essential. Luggage is very important, especially if you are going for a light, but eventful holiday trip. We had a recent post on Tourism on the Edge where we gave a few tips on hiking in the summer and what should your backpack contain. Check them when you have the time, as they might turn out to be very helpful.


#4. Do your homework. Research is very important, especially if you choose a place where you have never been before. If you go hiking, be sure to take a map of your trail, if you go to an unknown city, check out all the points of interest before-hand, if you visit a foreign country be sure to check the Internet for landmarks and so on.

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#5. Leave Laziness Aside. Once you get to your destination, any manifestation of laziness should be completely dropped. After all, you have a whole bunch of time to rest at home. You are in a different place now and you should totally make the most of it.


#6. Play. Don’t feel awkward if things get a bit goofy along the way or if your friends are in the mood for childish games. Playing may seem immature, but it can bring an overall positive attitude, relieve stress and install relaxation. Besides, how many occasions do you have where you can act childish and feel good about it?

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#7. Explore. A new place automatically means new discoveries. Make every traveling moment count. Take long walks with your group or even alone. What is wrong with people not doing things unless there is someone there to accompany them anyway? Exploring new lands on your own could also mean exploring yourself- try it.

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#8. Observe. Remember that the smallest details can make a difference and brighten up your trip. Keep your eyes open for unusual things wherever you go and try to find meaning in the things you see, by asking yourself questions along the way.


#9. Take photos. But don’t forget to enjoy every moment of your trip by doing so. Some people manage to do both- take photos and also feel the landscape- but there are also those that concentrate more on technical details and forget how to savor a particular moment.

A photography teacher of mine once said that one has to have the discernment to take pictures of what is truly unique and distinguish between a common picture and amazing photography. Just something to think about.


#10. Interact. Enjoy the presence of your group and don’t be reluctant to meeting new people. After all, we all have a story to tell and some foreign person’s may just be the one to turn your life’s views around.

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This were our tips for an unforgettable journey. There are few, but worth considering. If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment and we will gladly add them to the list.


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