Chefchaouen, Morocco
The so called Blue City in Morocco has many surprises for travelers all around the world. You will be amazed on how many outdoor activities you can practice here! Hiking, canoeing, fishing and caving are just some of them. That`s why we thought it would be nice to give you some ideas, just in case you will have the chance to wander those beautiful blue streets. So, here are our suggestions:

  1. Visit the Medina

Under no circumstance you cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Medina, which is the old town of the city. You’ll never get tired of walking and admiring the Moorish influenced architectural style.

The Medina

  1. Admire the Grand Mosque

Only Muslims are allowed to get inside this beautiful mosque, but you can seize the opportunity to admire it from the outside.


  1. Visit the Ethnographic Museum

It`s one of the best places to go if you want to learn something new about this place. The entrance fee will cost you 10 DH (Moroccan Dirham), the equivalent of 1 euro.

The Grand Mosque
The Grand Mosque

4. Go trekking in Talassemtane national Park

You will find it just outside the town. Don`t miss this fantastic experience, enjoy the landscape and share your thoughts with us!

5. Have a small trip to see the Bridge of God

This natural bridge is just 40 minutes’ drive away from Chefchaouen and is definitely worth a visit.

The Bridge of God
The Bridge of God

6. Have some peaceful moments and watch the waterfall (Ras el Maa)

Enjoy some time with yourself while watching the waterfall. It`s a good opportunity to cool off!

7. Watch the sunset from the hill of the Hotel Atlas

It`s the perfect place to admire the city from above and enjoy the natural setting.

8. Go shopping 

Believe it or not, here you will find many souvenir stalls. If you want to buy a present for someone, you`ll have many places to choose from. You will also find hand woven blankets, teapots and many other items.

Photo credits: Sandra Jordan

9. Enjoy the splendid view of the Mediterranean Sea

The Province of Chefchaouen is limited to the North by the Mediterranean Sea.

10. Admire the beautiful blue streets

Founded in 1471 by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa Ben Rached El Alami, Chefchaouen served as a Moorish fortress for exiles from Spain. Over the centuries, the city grew and welcomed Jews and Christian converts alike. Chefchaouen’s powder-blue buildings mirror the cloudless Moroccan sky. The small city was painted blue by the Jewish refugees who lived there during the 1930’s.

Photo credits: Sandra Jordan
Photo credits: Sandra Jordan


The weather in Chefchaouen is at its best in spring (mid-March to May), when the country is lush and green, followed by autumn (September to November), when the heat of summer is wearing off. If you have any other suggestions for places to visit in Chefchaouen, Morocco feel free to share your ideas!


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