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20 Authentic Outdoor Traveling Experiences Around the World

5 Feb , 2014  

We like to think of ourselves as avid seekers of authentic outdoor traveling experiences. And in its four years of existence, Tourism on the Edge has gathered quite a few hints on mesmerizing places around the Globe. You can admire them from afar, dream about them, gather more information and perhaps even plan an outstanding […]


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Samoa’s Most Beautiful Swimming Spot: To Sua Ocean Trench

27 Jan , 2014  

To Sua Ocean Trench (literally translated as “large swimming hole”) is a swimming spot located in Lotofaga village, on the south coast of Upolu island in Samoa. Most likely, its origins date from a time when volcanoes erupted and covered the nearby shores with lava. The ground collapsed, leaving behind a 30 meters deep hole […]

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4 Invigorating and Affordable Places to Stay in London this Year

17 Jan , 2014  

Since we discovered London’s Hot Tub Cinema, our attention has been redirected towards visiting the UK capital. Until that happens, we are on the lookout for creative places to book a stay in. Here are some interesting and affordable hotels and hostels we ran across so far: #1. After reading quite a few reviews, Clink78 […]

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Sleep in a Parked Aircraft: Jumbo Stay Hostel, Stockholm

8 Jan , 2014  

Spending your night on-board an airplane might not be what most travelers dream of. But what if this airplane would not take off? The Jumbo Stay Hostel at Arlanda Airport near Stockholm, Sweden is one of the most original accommodation units we’ve seen so far. According to the description provided by Jumbo Stay, the “hostel” […]

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Step Into The Void: Chamonix Skywalk in the French Alps

20 Dec , 2013  

Step Into The Void is Europe’s newest mountain skywalk, scenically positioned at the top of the Aiguille du Midi peak, near Chamonix, south-east France. Said to be inspired by the Grand Canyon Skywalk, this vertigo-inducing installation consists a minimalist glass box, with a see-through bottom, offering unobstructed panoramic views of the French Alps. Not only […]

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Playful and Adventurous: Swing at the End of the World

13 Dec , 2013  

We do not always feel like admitting this to ourselves, but traveling has much to do with escaping. And this Swing at the end of the World is our idea of a perfect nature escape. Located in the Ecuadorian wilderness, the swing is reachable by hiking up the path to Bellavista from the edge of […]

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Hot Tub Cinema Concept Invading London Rooftops

10 Dec , 2013  

  Traveling to London just got a bit more interesting with this Hot Tub Cinema we recently stumbled upon. Adding a little craziness to the game makes it memorable and viewing a movie in a hot tub might be just what most visitors expect from a remarkable night out. Hot Tub Cinema took off in […]

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11 Coffee Houses in Europe with a Classical Taste for Culture

2 Dec , 2013  

“… it must be said that the Viennese coffeehouse is a particular institution which is not comparable to any other in the world. As a matter of fact, it is a democratic club to which admission costs the small price of a cup of coffee. Upon payment of this mite every guest can sit for […]


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Literally Living in a Bubble: Attrap’Reves Hotel Under the Stars of France

28 Nov , 2013  

Ever thought about literally living (and sleeping) in a bubble? The innovative Attrap’Reves hotel consists of habitable plastic bubble domes and was built using recyclable materials. These transparent “spheres” are maintained by a silent blower which continuously allows fresh air to get in and keep a high level of oxygen. Each transparent bubble offers panoramic […]

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9 Vibrant Christmas Holiday Destinations in Europe

25 Nov , 2013  

  Brace yourself! Christmas is coming! The cold outside fits perfectly with a cup of mulled wine and a good story. They say children are the happiest during winter holidays, but let`s face it: deep down our soul a child is always playing hide and seek. The magic of Christmas lies in small things: candies, […]

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From Colossal Caves to Captivating Causeways: Top 5 Natural Wonders in the UK

8 Nov , 2013  

Radio Times conducted a poll to discover the greatest natural wonders available to visit in the UK. These places are guaranteed to leave visitors awestruck by their natural beauty, hence why they receive so many visitors year after year. From colossal caves to captivating causeways, here’s the top 5 as voted by the magazine’s readers: […]

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William Ricketts Sanctuary, Australia: A Place of Rebirth

5 Nov , 2013  

“Spirituality is eternal and I want the people to regard this sanctuary just this way, timeless and eternal. All my work expresses  reverence for life everlasting. I believe that we are indivisible linked with all that life and we cannot be separated” – William Ricketts (1898–1993) William Ricketts Sanctuary is an amazing outdoor museum representing 92 […]


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Seven Inspiring Street Artists That Give Art a New Meaning

31 Oct , 2013  

What if your street became an art gallery? You think that isn’t possible? Go to London, Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego. If you live there, you already know what we are talking about. If not, you are just about to find out. First is first! Let us talk a little about street art. This […]

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Hiking Near Barcelona: Montserrat Mountain the Hard Way

28 Oct , 2013  

Montserrat mountain is the perfect day trip from Barcelona in terms of accessibility, distance and powerful, raw natural beauty. Montserrat, meaning serrated mountain, is an apt name for the jagged cluster of peaks located one hour outside Barcelona. Although it looks like a range of hills, Montserrat is in fact one single mountain with multiple peaks. […]


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James Asquith, the Youngest Person to Visit Every Country on Earth

16 Oct , 2013  

Hats off to James Asquith, officially the youngest person who visited every country on the Globe. It took James five years and £125,000 to achieve the ultimate round-the-world travel dream, founded by part-time jobs he had been having since the age of 16, including working in hostels in far away places. Unlike most RTW travelers, […]

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