Travelers often suffer from a classic case of inspiration-overload. Whether you are writing a research paper, creating an online blog or a potential bestselling novel, being on the go may be the key to success. However writing while you travel also poses lots of challenges; you probably miss your desk, home comforts, and set routines. You might even be struggling through unstable internet connections. Here are some tips on how to overcome these challenges and write better while traveling.

#Set writing goals before you leave

Set clear goals before you get on that plane. Set yourself a daily or weekly goal of how much you want to write.  If you have a certain number of words to write then work out how much you would need to write each day to get it done.

The great thing about doing it like this is that when you have reached your goal for the day you can then enjoy the rest of your time. Or if you spend a whole day doing something fun, you can simply make up for it in the following week. Either way, clear objectives will get the job done.

#Establish a routine

When you are traveling you might have lots of freedom with your time. However, if you need to get things done then it’s best to have a routine. This might mean getting up at the same time every day and writing at the same time. You might find a café somewhere which you like to work in – you could always go back to the same place. If you find somewhere with good internet and great coffee it might be more time-efficient to keep going back.

#Take advantage of the boring bits

While traveling you will see so many amazing things. However, it also often involves a long bus or plane journeys. Use this time to write if you can. If it is difficult or unsafe to write on your laptop then bring a notebook and do some planning. Plan what you are going to write next, or write down some ideas.

#Set boundaries

If you are traveling with friends or meeting people while you are away then set boundaries with them. Your work is important to you and they should understand that. Don’t get talked into things you don’t want to do, learn to say no.

#Be prepared

Be sure to have a lightweight, fast laptop and anything else that you need to write. This might be an expense for you, but it will be worth it down the road. Make sure you can back up all your work as you go along, the last thing you want is to lose any precious thoughts.

Another idea might be to bring a portable wifi router, you can use this in most places.  This will enable you to do your work even when you don’t have wifi. Another option could be to get a local sim from wherever you go and use hotspot data.

How do you manage to stay mentally active and write while you travel? Are there any other tricks that work well for you on the go?


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