Recognize this photo? Some say this landscape made famous by Windows is the most famous on Earth. But where is it and how does it look today?

Bliss is the name of the default computer wallpaper of Windows XP, produced from a photograph of a landscape in Sonoma County, California, United States. The photograph was made on June 24, 1996 by Charles O’Rear, a former National Geographic photographer According to O’Rear, the image was not digitally enhanced or manipulated in any way. In 2001, with the release of Windows XP, the photograph was part of a $200 million “Yes you can” advertising campaign for Windows XP by the advertising agency, McCann-Erickson.

Today, the place was turned into a vineyard and looks quite different than it did almost 20 years ago. Isn’t it incredible how having a good eye can make an otherwise simple landscape become interesting and ultimately famous ? [source: TNV]


windows desktop backround now


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