Planning to go on a beach holiday in winter? Well, lucky you! Some of the best beaches enjoying a perfect climate for swimming in November are in Brazil, Mexico, Madagascar and India.

But if you are reading this from Europe and don’t really feel like traveling so far, you can also try the Canary Islands, the Azore archipelago, the island of Madeira the north of Sicily and even some parts of Greece. The weather will probably not be perfect every day, but long walks on the beach have their charm.  And if you’re up for a real challenge, try the black beaches of Iceland!

No matter where you decide to go on a beach escape this winter, we put together a list of smart items to carry along.

# Sunglasses and a hat

Although these items are essential, they are easily forgotten about, especially during winter. Not only do sunglasses and a hat ensure that you look fabulous throughout your travels, but they also provide you with protection from harmful UV rays. All About Vision have put together an infographic with tips on how to take care of your eyes when you’re vacationing – click the link to check it out.

# Microfibre towel

These lightweight, fast-drying towels are genius and every traveller should have one in their suitcase. They are extremely compact as well as highly absorbent. Plus – although they are suitable for all hair types – if you have curly or wavy hair, microfibre towels are ideal to don as head wraps when your hair is drying. This is because the material is flatter and doesn’t disrupt the hair structure, whereas normal cotton towels can leave hair frizzy. These are great even if you don’t swim, as you can use them to simply sit on the sand.

# A beach game

Beach balls, bucket and spades, frisbees, a bat and ball… take your pick! If you’re not interested in just lounging about sunbathing, then bring along something to make it more fun. If you have younger family members with you then this is especially important, as they’ll want to have different forms of entertainment to keep them busy.

# A Good book

Beach holidays are the perfect excuse to sit back, relax and get lost in a book. Make sure you take one along with you to help you pass the time on the plane. A lot of the time, we get so caught up in work and life in general, that we don’t get the chance to read as much as we would like to. Get some recommendations from friends and allow yourself to indulge. This is your time to enjoy.

# A Waterproof bag

If you’re worried about your belongings getting stolen when you go swimming, then take a waterproof bag with you to keep your valuables safe. This gives you peace of mind to enjoy the sea without having to keep looking over your shoulder. It also means you can go a bit farther afield for longer if you want, as you don’t have to keep your eye on your stuff if it’s with you in the sea.

# Underwater camera

If you’re wanting to get some unique, fun photos in the pool or sea, then an underwater camera is what you need. You can get disposable ones that don’t cost the earth, or if you have more cash to splash (pun intended) then you could look into more high-tech cameras, like GoPros.

# Clothes for every season

Traveling during winter into a place with unpredictable weather? Consider packing in layers. Just take two complete outfits for each kind of weather: sunny and hot, autumnish and cold, for when you decide to take a walk at night.

# A windproof jacket

Depending on where you are heading, keep in mind that some beach destinations in winter may get a bit windy of times. So add a windproof jacket to your luggage, to make strolling on the beach less uncomfortable and more memorable.


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