Kinderdijk is a village in Netherlands, about 15 kilometers away from Rotterdam. An entire system of 19 windmills was built in this village almost 270 years ago, and they are now part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are a lot of symbols that come to our mind when we think about Netherlands.  Among them are tulips, wooden clogs, bikes and windmills. Over one thousand windmills deserve our attention, not only because they harmoniously complete the landscape, but because some of them are still functional and have an important role in maintaining the polders dry. So let’s be Don Quixote for a day, not to fight with them, but to admire their beauty and to understand their purpose.



Kinderdijk village offers opportunities for outdoor activities such as walking, hiking or cycling, all in the majestic company of these imposing windmills. Once you get here, you can`t miss the chance to visit the Museum Windmill Nederwaard, where you will be given the opportunity to meet a real miller and find out about the entire process of running the mills. Here is a short video that will give you an idea how visiting this village in the Netherlands feels like:


According to The Adventure Begins, most of these traditonal windmills were used to mill grains, but their meaning goes beyond functionality. The position of the sails of the windmills speaks its own language, which is clear to all who can read it. The sails turn counterclockwise.

windmill, the netherlands
Above left: indicates rest for a short time during the working period     Above right: indicates rest for a longer period                                             Below left: indicates a ‘celebration’ position, with the upper sail just before the vertical                                                                                                           Below right: indicates a ‘mourning’ position, with the upper sail past the vertical


The nicest way to get here is by taking a boat from Rotterdam or Dordrecht. A single trip should take you around 35 minutes from Rotterdam and an hour from Dordrecht. Hotel Kinderdijk is a good accommodation option in the area, but most travelers choose to spend the night in Rotterdam before their one-day trip to Kinderdijk Village.

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