From luscious trails to rocky coastlines, Washington State offers many opportunities for exploration. Although many people think of Seattle and the popular attractions at nearby national parks, there are hidden gems that are nestled throughout the entire state. Whether you like luxury getaways or rustic hikes, this state has an experience in store for you. In this article, we will share the hidden gems that are nestled across the state of Washington.

# San Juan Islands and Yachting Experiences

When you think of Washington, you may not realize that this state offers incredible yachting experiences. If you are an avid boater, you know that the best destinations are ones that have premier docking amenities and a plethora of places to visit. When you dock at Emerald Landing, you have access to the San Juan Islands and Mount Rainier. The San Juan Islands are known for having unique dining and tourism experiences. Mount Rainier is one of the most renowned mountains across the country. This yachting experience is immaculate, but often overlooked by travelers.

# Ape Cave Trail

Ape Cave is a short hike that ventures through the heart of a historic lava tube. The inside of this cave is frigid. Through winding tunnels with beams of light flowing through, this hike us unlike most in the continental United States. In some areas, you may have to climb and crawl through small openings in the rocks. Although this hike is brief, it is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to venture underneath the crowd and explore the history of Mount Saint Helen. Located in the southwestern portion of the state, this interesting attraction can be easy to miss. When traveling to the pacific northwest, consider adding this stop to your itinerary.

# Beacon Rock

Beacon Rock is located amidst the  National Scenic Area. This rock is the site of an old volcano. With dozens of cycling, hiking, and walking trails, visitors love to see the jaw-dropping views from this region. This area is dawned with waterfalls, flowing rapids, whitecaps, and lush forests. Although there are many stunning scenic viewpoints in the state, this is one of the few that allows you to see so much diverse terrain from a single point.

# Cape Flattery

Cape Flattery is the farthest northwest point of the continental United States. From this point, you can gaze out among the Pacific and see a lively group of marine animals. This point is home to Shi Shi Beach, a beach that offers captivating views of the rugged coastline. Although this destination feels remote, it can be accessed by a brief hike that is lined with a boardwalk.


Washington State is a place that is overflowing with experiences and opportunities that excite many different types of travelers. From venturing to the tip of the country to exploring underground travelers, there are experiences that can be had in this state that are not found in most destinations across the planet. Due to the varying terrain and altitude levels, it is important to pack layers because the temperatures can fluctuate drastically throughout the days.




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