Lakes, volcano and beaches ‘dot’ the landscape of Nicaragua, set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in Central America. While searching for things to do there, we ran across volcano boarding. Maybe not the most thrilling experience you will have around an active volcano, but a distinctive one to say the least.

The Cerro Negro National Park is where you want to be heading. A place where vivid green vegetation merges with black sand and ash in a dramatic scene that photographers will love.

Rent your wooden board at the base (you should expect a fee of maximum $10) and prepare for a 45 minute-long ascent to the take-off peak. As you go up, you pass four unworldly crates and feel the smell of sulfur, a not-so-subtle reminder of your whereabouts.

Cerro Negro Crater

Once you reach the summit, you are offered an orange suit, protection glasses and a few smart moves on how to slide the sandy landscape… and enjoy it. With everything in place, prepare for a nice adventure downhill; the sliding speed can be impressive, some even recorded 60 miles per hour (96 km/h).

Image via Plaid Zebra

For a nice portfolio of Nicaraguan Volcanoes, you can visit JAIME M. CHAMORRO‘s online portfolio.


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