Few people know that Vienna and Bratislava are very, very closely situated, at least as far as European capitals are concerned.  So yes, it goes without saying that visiting one of them will get you an indirect ticket to the other. In this post, we decided to have a tips&tricks list on how to get from Vienna airport to Bratislava.

If you’re trying to get to Slovakia and you’ve just landed at the Vienna airport, you need to figure out what would be the best method of transportation there if taking another flight isn’t an option for you. Read on to learn more about how you can make it to Bratislava from the airport in Vienna.

The Transportation Options You Have

You have various transportation options that might be comfortable if you want to make your way from Vienna to Bratislava. You can rent a car, take a cab ride, hop on the next bus, or take the next train. The transportation methods available to you will vary when it comes to price, convenience, and the time it takes to get to Slovakia. You just need to calculate how much time you can spare, and how much money you are dedicating to transportation. Also, you need to consider what’s easier for you in regards to your luggage.

Some methods can be inconvenient and others might be comfortable, depending on how many bags you have with you. Overall, the best means of transportation when it comes to convenience and price would be to take the bus or a taxi.


Taking a taxi to your destination is quite easy. You can book the ride online or you could just get one on the spot. If you’re lucky and there happens to be a driver there, you won’t have to wait long for a ride. Be sure to choose the right transfer Vienna Bratislava route that can take you there quickly and safely. You should talk with your driver and see if you could check their GPS to find the optimal route with minimal traffic.

The duration of the ride would be approximately 45 to 52 minutes depending on traffic. Your ride should cost you around 59 euros for 4 passengers and 79 euros for 8 passengers. Considering the time it takes to get you to Bratislava, a taxi would be the fastest and most convenient choice.

A taxi or limousine taxi can be quite comfortable if you choose the right service. That way you can guarantee that the drivers will be extremely professional and punctual.  A reliable transportation company should have a taxi waiting for you at the airport, and the vehicle should have air conditioning if it’s hot outside. Also, if you happen to be traveling with a child, the driver should have a baby seat available. You get to choose which route you want, and you can discuss it with your driver easily.

Should I Tip the Driver?

Many people wonder if they should tip the driver or not. Well, it’s mostly up to you. However, it’s always a good idea to show your gratitude for the service that has been provided for you. If the driver was polite, professional, and went out of their way to make sure the trip was comfortable, then they deserve a tip. Just understand that tipping is optional and you don’t necessarily have to do it, but it can make a difference for the driver, even if it’s a small amount. Most people tip 20% of the initial cost of the ride, but you can tip 10%, depending on the situation.


Another good option to consider would be taking the bus. If you leave the airport from platforms 2 to 6, you will be able to find the bus stops easily when you leave the airport arrival hall. Just take a right and remember to follow the bus signs.

Most bus companies cost the standard 5 euros for a one-way ticket and you can purchase tickets from the driver or online. The duration of the trip is approximately an hour, but you might have to wait 45-60 minutes for the bus because they run once every hour. This might be a drawback, but the cheap price makes up for it.

Buses are safe and fairly comfortable. Most have air conditioning and a TV screen for your entertainment. Also, there won’t be any limitations in regard to your luggage. However, the trip would be slower than a taxi and the waiting time can be frustrating for a lot of travelers.

It’s always nice to know your way around while abroad. The last thing you need is to get lost, hop on the wrong bus, or pay too much for a ride that wasn’t worth it. It wouldn’t hurt to do a little research first before you make any arrangements that you might regret later. Bratislava is a beautiful place to visit and your trip will be even better if you choose the right transportation method that can get you there as soon as possible and at an affordable price. Just remember to enjoy the scenery along the way.


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