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In 2010, Austrian photographer Andreas Franke started working on The Sinking World, a long-term project intended to merge sea life and art photography. The artist organizes photo exhibitions in unlikely settings— underwater shipwrecks or in the middle of coral reefs.

The famous Vandenberg shipwreck (purposely sunk off the Florida Keys to become artificial reef) is home to the artist’s exhibition named “Vandenberg Project. The life above refined below.

Andreas Franke wanted to observe and to actively participate in the rebirth of the shipwreck. Driven by his passion for diving, the artist decided to push the boundaries of photography and transform the sea into a photo studio.

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The Vanderberg exhibition is set in the world’s second largest artificial reef on the American Coast and can be visited until the end of July 2016. During this time, marine life will settle on the artworks and mark them with the signature of the sea, completing the process of creation.

Diving along the shipwreck, you will find illustrations of elegant dancers practicing on the deck, a young girl chasing fish with a butterfly net or a disturbing man lost in his own world.

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With my photographs of The Sinking World, I want to pull the spectators into unreal and strange worlds. Ordinary scenes of the past play within a fictional space and become dreamworlds you can get lost in or you can identify with.” says Andreas Franke So here is an open invitation for worldwide experienced divers who happen to share a passion for photography!

Location about 30 miles (48 kilometers) off the coast of Key West, Florida, GPS coordinates: 24.27 N, 81.44 W.

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