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Since only 2% of the people on this planet have an identical twin, we find these rare cases absolutely fascinating.  Since Tourism on the Edge is about unusual traveling, unusual locations and unusual events, we think this festival somewhat fits the profile. We are only presenting this Twins Days Festival because we find it to be uncommon and because it is only a few days away, for those of you who might be interested in attending.

Twins Day Festival takes place every year (the first one was held  in 1976)  at the beginning of August in Twinsburg, Ohio, USA. This year the exact dates are 6,7,8 August.



So what happens in Ohio exactly? During the three “partying days”, twins from all over the world- but mostly USA- come here for games, contests and celebrations. This is not just a place for twins, but for triplets, quadruples and so on : )

An interesting thing is that back in 1976 when this event first took place, only 76 pairs joined the festivities. Today, more than 2500 pair of twins enlist in the festival and take part in all the activities.

There is no age limit for Twins Day festival. Anybody can join, provided that they have one or more twin bothers or sisters. Throughout the time, this festival became very popular in the USA, some of the pairs here appearing in renowned shows such as Jerry Springer. This means people not only come here to have a good time, but some to make themselves noticed as well.





Spectators (as in “common no-twin-ers”) are allowed to join the party in exchange for paying a pass. Check out more information about this unusual festival on its official website page here.

twins festival ohio


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