Nature hasn’t lost its poetry yet. In the most gentle way, it can teach you all about simplicity, patience and calmness. In today’s post let’s teleport away from a vibrant and sometimes hectic city life, and into the most beautiful tree-houses out there.

Just imagine: you are sleeping on a cloudy mattress, covered with soft blankets. A glimpse of light comes trough the window and salutes your face. You wake up in the middle of a friendly forest, birds singing their praising songs and trees swinging to the fresh breeze.

To become the main character of this almost meditative journey, here are some magic places to choose from:

#Treehouse Point, Washington, United States

Also called the peaceful point or the little happy point in nature, Tree House Point is a small resort which offers five different tree houses that visitors can choose from. Their builder is the talented Pete Nelson, famous tree-house designer and author. Together with his wife Judy, they offer travelers a chance to spend a night between mighty trees and join their cultural events.

Their aim is to inspire and educate the local community in using natural resources wisely. This cozy resort has a main lodge with a library, welcoming dining facilities and a few eye-catching rooms.

The names of the tree houses – Bonbibi, Trilium, Nest, Upper Pond and Temple of the Blue Moon – are so alluring , that they make it difficult for the guest to decide which one to choose.

# The Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

This beauty is called The Nest. Can you guess why?

This If you read on the list “The UFO”, you would never expect your treehouse to look like one. Oh, but it does. Along with the cabin, the Micro cube, the Dragonfly and the Blue cone, all the units in this Treehotel in Sweden have unique designs. While you rest in the pine trees here, you can enjoy the stunning views over Lule River, sauna treatment and a tasty European buffet.

Interesting how birds never get fooled by the glass and feel the little treehouse, avoiding it successfully each time.

# Moose Meadow Lodge, Vermont, United States

This adorable tree lodge is a bed&breakfast facility, recently open in Waterbury, Vermont, USA. Handcrafted by passionate builders, the tree house feels really comfortable. Local maple, cedar, pine and hemlock adorn the walls of this gem and the rustic interior design give guests a home-like feeling. For breakfast, you can summon the “tree service” and enjoy tasty pancakes with maple syrup.

# Treehouse Lodge, Punta Uva, Costa Rica

If you are not willing to give up on luxurious accommodation while you travel, this tree house lodge in Puerto Viejo might be the one for you.

Right in the jungle of Costa Rica, the little resort awaits hidden, challenging you to cross a suspension bridge in order to get to it. You can enjoy fresh showers outdoor and then just be a few steps away from the surfing, yoga classes and jungle treks. Book your stay here.

# Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Tom Chudleigh was a genius. Just have a look at his marvelous design, the Free Spirit Spheres, to understand why. He started out by building the first structure in 1993 and he tried to improve the design every year since.

Three of these spheres are available for renting on his property near the Qualicum Bay, British Columbia, Canada. Made from wood and protected with a fiberglass skin, these accommodation units are hung by the trees on a supportive web made from synthetic rope.

“How do we wanted to design something that fits harmoniously into a forest setting without altering the view?” was the question Chudleigh started his work from. Think he succeeded in answering it?

# Cypress Valley, Spicewood, Texas

This is a small resort made up from just four tree houses, all suspended above a creek-side ravine outside of Austin, Texas, USA. During the day, guests can take a tour of the valley and enjoy the calm atmosphere around the Cypress trees. The biggest treehouse of the resort is called The Nest; it can host up to four people, which makes it perfect for family escapes.

# Casa Barthel, Florence, Italy

When we talk about good taste, Italian design has to be mentioned. Casa Barthel is a luxurious tree house built by an Italian furniture designer. The unconventional accommodation unit is hidden behind olive trees that really give away that romantic feeling.

Located outside of Florence, the house is made from steel and recycled wood, built in a large pine tree. It offers a cozy bedroom for two, a charming fireplace, a small kitchen where you can taste Italian specialties and the best of all, the breathtaking view of the Tuscan landscape.

# Sacred Geome Treehouse, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

The Sacred Geome Treehouse is dubbed to be the largest tree house in the world. Costa Rica is doing a great job with building these lovely accommodation units, especially if you consider that they are really close to the beach. Combining fresh tree scents with a salty breeze may lead to irrecoverable nostalgia about this place.

# Volcano Treehouse, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

You don’t often here people saying they slept on top of a volcano. Located just outside the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, this small unit built from bamboo and recycled timber is a fun destination in itself.

Initially designed as a wedding venue or a honeymoon location, you can guess it can only host two persons; but rest assured, the lucky two will have their best time here. This treehouse has two levels and is filled up: flat screen TV, a kitchen, a bathroom, showers and a beautiful fireplace.

On the porch, a hot tub awaits. This special corner is beautifully designed from recycled materials, some of which used to be part of a church. Just show some pictures to your loved one and pick a date.

# Kealakekua Bay Cottage, Bali 

Located just a walking distance away from Manini Beach and surrounded by a lovely pond, this Balinese cottage is an escape to remember. A getaway for two, this spot will ensure privacy, as well as adventurous activities for the ones who want to indulge in a more dynamic holiday.

# Secluded Intown Treehouse, Atlanta, United States

Bridges balancing off trees make for a nice first impression when it comes to checking-in this fascinating little tree house complex in Atlanta. Discovered on The TreeHouseMap, the units come with a patios and hammocks for spending time outdoors reading and stargazing.

# Modern Luxury Elevated Cabin, Seattle Washington

We make this our last point on the list, but not because it would be less inviting than the ones mentioned above. With just a small sum of money, you can spend a pretty luxurious weekend in The Elevated cabin, having the chance to reconnect with nature without giving up the “other” little pleasures in life.

A tree house doesn’t sound so bad after all, right? Having the same amount of comfort as a decent hotel room, it sets you right in the middle of an enchanted realm. Have you picked your favorite one?

[Featured photo credits: Karon Melillo DeVega]



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