Running a YouTube channel can be a lot of work if you really want to find success and stand out from the rest. Travel content is becoming more and more popular, especially since the onset of Covid-19 and travel vloggers are struggling to create something unique.

If you want your channel to stand out, the most important thing to do is to be uniquely yourself. However, there are a few other tips you can use too.

Make Your Channel and Website Look Good

We all know that creating visually appealing videos is important, but have you considered the aesthetic value of the layout and design of your channel and website, if you have one?

Make your channel eye-catching and beautiful by using well-designed banners, icons, and thumbnails for your videos. You can create a stunning banner design online for free to use as your channel banner, which requires absolutely no graphic design skills. This can also be used on your blog or website!

Tell a Story

Instead of simply filming the places you’ve been and discussing what they were like, try to include more storytelling in your videos. Tell your subscribers travel stories as you would tell your family or friends upon returning home from a trip.

Include the funny and embarrassing things that happened, the mishaps and disasters, and the beautiful, life-changing experiences. Tell longer stories about why you’re travelling and who you’ve met, as well as small anecdotes that you find valuable or entertaining. Connecting with your audience like this will feel more personal and keep them coming back.

Use Beautiful Visuals

If you’re going to run a travel YouTube channel, you’ll need to make sure your travel videography skills are up to scratch and always improving. If you’ve got your channel banner, thumbnails, and website design down, you need to focus on your filming and photography.

If your filming style is simple and casual vlogging, try to include some more scenic shots in between. This will create more visual appeal and even encourage your subscribers to visit the stunning places you’re showing off. Capture peaceful landscapes and bustling cities and use these shots as B-roll or even your main footage.

Be Open and Honest

So if you want your channel to stand out, you could be a little more honest about the downsides of travelling. Most travel vlogs only depict the fun, the beauty and the luxury behind travel, but everyone knows that there’s more to it than that.

Show the “reality” of travel by showing your subscribers every part of your journey – from things like delayed flights and airsickness to the beautiful experiences you have on golden coastlines. Both the good and the bad can be shown!

Provide Useful Content

Finally, instead of only posting about your trips, you can provide useful videos for other travellers with information such as how to pack smart for various types of trips, how to navigate Visa processes, airport tips, entertainment ideas for long flights, etc.

These types of videos are great to film when you’re at home and not off visiting a foreign land.


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