What if you could do something to capture the essence of an entire country, during a single trip? Perhaps a complex puzzle that is built gradually, to deliver something meaningful, like never before…

Zig Zag prin Romania (literally translated “Zigzagging through Romania”) is about traveling, friendship and education. The main goal of the 10 creative adventurers currently involved in this project is to be on the road for five years, to promote spectacular places and successful stories that can build a new (positive) vision about Romania.

Their desire is to present authentic role models, as well as the beauty of the Romanian lands. By interviewing successful people and visiting amazing places in each county, the team wants to share the belief that one can always learn from good examples. And these can be found everywhere along the way, all you have to do is be caring, open-minded and wiling to search for them.

Naturally, it all started with a craving for something meaningful, for a lifestyle that goes beyond the limits of a ‘work and no play’ routine. After two years of planning and dreaming, a creative group of friends decided to quit their jobs and live life on full speed.

But traveling it is not the easiest way of existence and being a nomad in your own country poses its challenges. It needs mental strength and the ability to adapt to the (often wild) environment.

It’s been more than a year since the ZIG ZAG team started to travel through Romania, driven by their spirit of adventure and curiosity. Until now, the team discovered and documented 10 counties: Botoșani, Suceava, Maramureș, Satu Mare, Bihor, Arad, Timiș, Caraș Severin, Mehedinți and Dolj.


They have met over 600 beautiful people from various fields of work and built lasting friendships. During their exploration, hundreds of tourist attractions were ‘eternalized’ in more than a million photos. Additionally, the experiences were captured in 15 passionately-written books about each visited county.

All the documentation can be found on their blog, but for the moment there is no English content. However the Zig-Zaggers created 10 beautiful hyperlapse videos, for sharing their vision of Romania to the world. Four of them are embedded below; you can see the rest on their Youtube channel.

Hope you will enjoy this journey into the unknown parts of Romania. May this post remind you of the craziness and hospitality of the young Romanian generation whenever you decide to pack your bags and discover these lands!

# MARAMUREȘ County, Romania

#TIMIȘOARA, TIMIȘ County, Romania

# CARAȘ SEVERIN County, Romania

#MEHEDINŢI County, Romania


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