At the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, surrounded by both the tropical Caribbean Sea and the crystal waters of the Atlantic, lies Punta Cana. This little stretch of paradise has lots to offer, from alluring beaches to beautiful natural lagoons, incredible cuisines, and even luxury air travel. If you are planning a trip to paradise, do it right with these six top tips.

Sample the Local Cuisine

When you arrive in Punta Cana, you will be struck, not only by its beauty but also by its delicious food smells. Dive into Punta Cana’s local culture and cuisine by sampling the sancocho soup, a traditional and delicious meaty stew. Or, if you prefer a seafood dish, what could be better than ceviche on the beach with a side of crispy plantains? And to satisfy your sweet tooth, a delicious tiny pastry, or pastelito, filled with sweet guava or mango will hit the spot nicely.

These and many more Dominican foods are enough to make you wish you could stay in Punta Cana forever!

Beach Getaways

First thing’s first, you can’t start picturing yourself on holiday, cocktail in hand, lying in the sun, until you know where you are staying. Punta Cana offers a variety of all-inclusive getaways, equipped with swimming pools, private stretches of beach, and incredible ocean views.

Whether you are planning a family holiday, a romantic getaway or a fun-filled trip with your friends, Punta Cana’s extensive list of all-inclusive beach resorts has something just for you.

Dolphin Island

Once you have located your beach destination and filled your belly with delicious Dominican dishes, you will be ready to explore all Punta Cana has to offer.

swim with dolphins

Have you always wanted to swim with dolphins in their natural habitat? At Dolphin Island, this dream can become a reality. From the beautiful beach, you can sail over to a platform where you can snorkel and take pictures with dolphins, sharks, stingrays, and sea lions. This incredible close-up of some of the Dominican Republic’s most beautiful animals is a must-have experience.

Private Jet Charters

If your Punta Cana holiday dates don’t line up with your local airline’s schedule, or you would rather travel privately, with a service personalised to your exact needs, schedule, and expectations, this top tip could be for you.

When you hear the words “luxury private jet charter” do you think “yes – that’s for me!”? Well, then you’ll want to check out BITLUX travel company. Their top-quality services offer luxurious private travel while helping clients globally fly from over 2100 destinations. Just one of these incredible locations in Punta Cana, and what better way to travel to paradise than in a chartered private jet?

With the super fast booking, a variety of aircraft to fit your travel needs, and private jet charter representatives just a call away and available 24-hours, this luxury aviation experience is designed to make your trip comfortable, easy, and unforgettable.

Ziplining in Punta Cana

Speaking of flying! Punta Cana boasts a number of fun zip lining experiences from which you will be greeted with incredible views of the surrounding nature, as well as the joy of the tropical air in your face, as you soar through the Dominican Skies. This is a great day trip for families with children, young adventurers seeking a thrill, or couples who like to go on more adventurous and memorable dates.

While you are up there, why don’t you see if you can spot any of the colourful local birds, such as the bright yellow new world warbler, or the stunning lime green Hispaniolan parakeet?

Hoyo Azul – Cave Swimming

This beautiful blue lagoon is located in a cenote, a natural pit formed in a cave, and offers a truly unique and beautiful swimming experience. The sapphire-blue waters and dramatic cliff walls are breathtaking, and you will have the opportunity to see some local and fascinating flora and fauna too!

The Hoyo Azul is an unmissable highlight of Punta Cana and makes for a fantastic holiday photoshoot for those of you who love an Instagram update.

Happy Travels!

These six top tips for traveling to Punta Cana are a recipe for an unforgettable get-away. From top-quality accommodation and private air travel to great food and nautical adventures, this holiday will be one for the photo albums. After all. how could anyone forget the day they befriended a dolphin, shared the sky with tropical birds, or had their first mouth-watering taste of sancocho soup?



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