Surprisingly, these photos are not taken in a village where landscape architecture takes central stage, but in an abandoned site where people are no longer part of the scenery. Time seems to also be taking a break in this former fishing village on Shengshan Island, China (one of almost 400 that make up the Shengsi Islands to the east of China’s Zhejiang province, according to MailOnline).

In Alan Weisman‘s “World Without Us” the process of nature taking over abandoned places is slowly and carefully described. These photos don’t inspire an apocalyptic scenario, but are rather a photograph’s haven made up of green vines and seemingly deliberate green “arrangements”.
abandoned-village-in-chia-overtaken-by-nature-2The seaside village now lies empty because the fishermen have better working opportunities on the mainland, where the fish they catch can be easily transported and sold. [Photography by Jane Qing]
abandoned-village-in-chia-overtaken-by-nature-3 abandoned-village-in-chia-overtaken-by-nature-4 abandoned-village-in-chia-overtaken-by-nature-5


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