When looking for some of the best sailing globally, the British Virgin Islands is the destination.

If you have wanted to switch between snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing in some breathtaking waters, then the BVI has everything you need and more. Since the area is a hub of water-based activities, it isn’t uncommon to see people walk straight from the water to the terraced of a local bar while proudly showing off their wet suites and  swimming goggles with nose cover. The vibe of the place is also very relaxed, so you are much likely to feel refreshed and rejuvenated by the surroundings.

So, where should you be heading when it comes to the BVI?

# Anegada Island

Can’t wait to experience some of that Caribbean vacation dreams? Then Anegada Island is the epitome of walking along pale sandy beaches and hearing the waves lap the shore. It is made up of; if coral and limestone, which gives some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

It offers over 300 wrecks that are free to explore and great for a day of snorkeling and discovery.

Add being blown away by wildlife you might enjoy the possibility of flocks (huge flocks) of flamingos along the coastline. Bright pops of pink against a colorful blue backdrop.

Most often, the area is visited by boaters from Tortola, although there are plenty of luxury hotels in the area too. Check out the boating possibilities here, and plan your adventure.

# White Bay (Jost Van Dyke)

If you want to stroll along the beach with a delicious cocktail in hand, then White Bay is perfect for you. There are many island bars, villas, beachsides cottages, and plenty of beachside activities.

While the beach is perfect for lying down and relaxing, the bars are a hive of excited party-goers. The sand has been described as some of the softest in the world.

# The Baths (Virgin Gorda)

spring-bay-british virging islands bvi

The Baths are granite boulders, and the colorful coves are a joy to wade through. The vast boulders leave something more interesting to see than the other sea and sand locations.

One of the most enjoyable things about the boulders is moving through the warm waters and exploring the crevices. The maze-like formations aren’t challenging to make your way through, but you can spend a few hours here with ease.

One thing to watch for is that the super-smooth rock can become slippy, so you’ll need to ensure you have some water shoes before you head off on this adventure.

# Cane Garden Bay (Tortola)

The hub of the most activity in BVI is on Tortola, and the heart is Cande Garden Bay.  Renting a boat here or heading out in a kayak are some of the most popular activities here, hopping into the waters and snorkeling. In the evening, Cane Garden Bay provides an entirely so that globally relaxing experience. The music can be heard spilling onto the beach. Make it extra special and you can grab some delicious coconut and tropical fruit cocktails and relax in the warm sand.

road-town-tortola bvi

The only time you’ll need to consider if this is the space for you is when the cruise ships come in and the beaches are overrun for a little while.

# Rhone National Marine Park

If adventure and exploration are something you can live without, the RMS Rhone is one of the most beautiful places to explore.

One of the highlights of scuba-diving in the area is the BVI’s Rhone Shipwreck, which can be explored day or night. The ship went down in 1867 and is one of the most popular locations for people to check out sunken wrecks. The surrounding waters are the Rhone National Marine Park and are the only park like this in the British Virgin Islands.

Divers are often in awe of the vessel’s size, and you can see the ship’s bow just below the surface. It is perfect for sightseeing, and you can easily spend a few hours here.

# Devil’s Bay National Park

Devil’s Bay National Park is easy to reach after a hike from the Baths. It’s worth the walk-through. The location is tranquil and inviting, perfect for swimmers; it also has a dinghy dock and mooring buoys that offer access for boaters too.

The bay is a horseshoe shape, and while it doesn’t take long to get to, it is essential to keep in mind that rocks and pebbles move and shift. Falling and slipping aren’t uncommon.

# Smuggler’s Cove (Tortola)

This cove can be found on the western coast of Tortola, and as the name suggests, it’s perfect for a little bit of peace and quiet.

There aren’t too many visits to this location because there is only one snack/beach bar. Rather than the plethora of the other beaches that can be packed. You won’t find it hard to find somewhere to relax, but you might want more choice in terms of food.

The conditions are ideal for spending a few hours snorkeling; Smuggler’s Cove has a lovely atmosphere and the calmest blue waters around.

# North Sound, Virgin Gorda

The North Sound is situated on the northeast shore of the Virgin Gorda, and is a hub for visitors who like water sports. Some of the activities available are sailing, windsurfing, parasailing, water-skiing, and trips out to other secluded beaches. While North Sound is perfect for water sports, hiking is incredibly popular – mainly the Prickly Pear trail.

The British Virgin Islands are some of the most beautiful areas globally, welcoming to private charters. There is something for everyone; if you want to sit and sip cocktails on warm sand while watching the sunset – or jet ski through the waves – it’s all possible. All of the islands except for Anegade are volcanic, so that the vessel’s size, you can expect some dramatic landscapes too!


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