huge stone hand Atacama desert

As if a giant man was trapped in the desert of Atacama in South America, the surreal Mano de Desierto (Hand of the Desert) seems to reach out from the sand in the shape of an impressive stone sculpture.

The unusual landmark is located conveniently on the Panamerican Highway, where it proudly stands 11 meter tall in a strange “hello” shape.

land art Atacama desert


The Hand of the Desert was envisioned and implemented by the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal. The project’s impressive size is supposedly inspired by human vulnerability and helplessness.

You can visit the monument by taking Route 26 or Route 28 from the city of Antofagasta (port in Northern Chile), both which lead to Route 5, where the sculpture is located. Bring your camera along, the contrast of the sand and sky in the region is said to be unique.

Giant Hand Atacama

Mano de Desierto Atacama

Mano de Desierto

Giant Hand Atacama amazing art



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