Subwing is one of the summer hits in water sports at the moment. What you need is a subwing board and a friend with a boat… and the adventure can begin.

Simon Sivertsen, the Norwegian inventor, say the idea of creating a subwing hit him in a while back, when he was sailing around the Greek Islands. The clarity of the water gave him the feeling of flying when he was diving. All he needed was a bit of speed. So he attached a driftwood plank with a water ski rope to the boat and dived like a dolphin into the underworld.

His experience was memorable and dreams started to take shape. Simon was set to revolutionize the way we explore the ocean and to make it accessible to everyone. Since then, his experiments and design ideas came together to create the perfect dynamics that could be easy to use,  safe and thrilling.

The SUBWING consists of two separate wings connected in a rotatable swivel. The ultimate plank is made of high strength quality carbon fiber with a super gloss finish. By grabbing the grip on each wing, it can easily be controlled in all directions.

Maneuvering is done by tilting the wings in different angles. Tilt both wings downwards to dive, and upwards to resurface. If attempting a roll, simply tilt the wings in the opposite directions. Controlling it is easy to learn and comes naturally to many beginners.

For more experienced users, a single hand grip is mounted between the wings on the rear. This grip is designed to be used, for example, when equalizing ear pressure. Prices for a SUBWING start from 295$ and can reach 850$. For more details about flying underwater and products visit their website.


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