Sometimes being a traveler is hard work and we are well aware of the following: all the time you put in for finding a decent map, all the calculations needed to prepare just the right amount of clothes, all the small accessories your back can support, all the strange noises coming from outside tents, how wet a rain poncho can get on the inside and so on and so forth.

We are also aware of what the sight of an unexpected remote, unexplored but icy cold spring can do to a person and the “top of the world” feeling after winning a psychological  battle with a mountain peak.

We take pride in thinking that Tourism on the Edge is a gathering site for state of the art travelers. Wondering passengers that don’t just pin cities they went to on the map, but explore, discover and ultimately learn. If you saw a place that made you feel any of the sensations described above and you feel like sharing, but only to a sympathetic crowd, here is your chance.

You can send us your travel experiences about a country or a place via e-mail at:

[email protected]

We will get back to you and require a few photos of your journey, which we will publish them together with your name and personal blog. You can also contact us via Facebook.

We will also value your comments and opinions, as well as your facebook “likes” and other similar tokens of your appreciation for our posts.

== Make every trip memorable ! ==


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