Absorbed by light statue

It is rare that an artwork can catch you completely off-guard. It is even less often that it places a mirror of a entire society in front of you, leaving you vulnerable and reflective. This is why this work by British artist Gali May Lucas in collaboration with sculptor Karoline Hinz is so special.

Present in last year’s Amsterdam Light Festival, the installation entitled ‘Absorbed by Light’ and depicts three silhouettes on a park bench, all taken in by their cellphones. “Cycling to work in the mornings, I see people lost in the light of their mobile phones. On park benches, on the tram, in restaurants – no one talks to each other anymore,” the British artist says.

Absorbed by light statue Amsterdam

Each year, the Festival of Light in Amsterdam brings together 30 new light installations, envisioned by worldwide artists. This year’s theme is Disrupt! and the artworks will dot the city from 28 November 2019 to 19 January 2020.

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