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Let’s go for a walk today through a countryside gem in England! Discover Bibury, a small village located in the hills of the eastern Cotswolds province. Besides the idyllic location, and a fresh green grass greeting you almost all year long, this place stands out thanks to its honey-colored stone buildings.
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You can reach the main street, Arlington Row, only on foot after crossing a marvelous stone bridge. On both sides of the street there are beautiful English cottages. They look very romantic and invite you to discover their stories.

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These cottages were all built in the seventeenth century. They were originally storing buildings for wool, the most important source of income for the locals, from sheep breeding. In time, the buildings were converted into homes, and today many of them host fancy restaurants and pretentious pensions.


Right in the village center you will find the old Arlington Mill, where corn was ground once. Now the mill was turned into a museum of popular culture where agricultural traditions are preserved. The great part about it is that it still runs perfectly today; the mill’s wheel still works as it did several hundred years ago, taking the visitors back in time.

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Another source of pride for Bibury is the trout farm that annually produces over 10 million rainbow trout delivered across England. Tourists are attracted to restaurants that use “raw material” precisely this kind of very tasty trout. Fish can be bought either fresh or smoked in stores around.

A wonderful park and garden forms the landscape of the area. The cottage sites are full of roses, which contributes to the idyllic atmosphere.

On the other side of the river, the village is grouped around the old church of Saint Mary, whose inspirational Saxon part dates from the eighth century. Over time, several contributions were added, having Norman and Saxon influences. Near the church, you can find the Swan Hotel, the oldest hotel in the village, a former inn dating from the seventeenth century.

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The entire land of Cotswold is full of charm, so a visit there can only be filled with magic, creating unforgettable memories. Bibury is one of the proofs that history goes hand in hand with modern times and the traces it leaves must be valued and heeded. This amazing village sets an example for all the small villages filled with culture and beauty around the globe.
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