skocjan cave

Škocjan Caves is a cave system located in Slovenia, Europe, integrated in the Škocjan Caves Regional Park. The grottoes are the creation of the Reka River, an underground river that springs from below the plateau.

skokjan cave

The total length of the Škocjan cave system is about 6 kilometers, but the amazing thing is the vertical difference between the highest entrance (a 90-meter-deep abyss called Okroglica) and the lowest point in the caves (the siphon), which is 205 meters deep.  The main thing that distinguishes the  Škocjan Caves from other caves is the underground canyon, an believed to be thousands of years old.


There are also spectacular underground chambers to be explored in the caves, such as Martel’s Chamber, having 308 meters long, 89 meters wide and 106 meters high,with the largest cross-section reaching 12,000 square meters. In 1986, due to their exceptional characteristics, the Škocjan Caves were entered on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites.


You can plan a visit any time of the year, as the temperature inside is constant (12 degrees Celsius). Admission fee: 15 EUR for adults, 11 EUR for students and 7 EUR for children. Closest city is Divača,, easy to reach by car or train. You will  find more information about the  Škocjan Caves here.

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