If you are finally ready to lay down your roots, there are quite a few factors that you will need to consider, such as weather conditions, proximity to loved ones, the state of the economy, and the local politics. On the other hand, you will also need to consider all the general factors, such as your housing budget, your source of income, the general cost of living, schooling, and access to healthcare, among others. You will need to budget and consider your steps carefully before making a decision.

However, if you have settled on the Americas to plant your roots, we have rounded up this list of the best places. For those who are after an everyday life that offers the atmosphere of a vacation, these tourism hotspots in the Americas are among the best options.


There are quite a few enchanting tourist attractions found in Arizona. From the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam to the breathtaking red rock mountains and buttes of Sedona, Arizona is a magnificent region. What’s more, the area is also home to extraordinary lifestyle communities such as Wickenburg Ranch that offers quick move-in homes and other properties within its community. Lifestyle centers are an excellent choice for anyone who is relocating abroad or moving significantly far away from friends and family. These communities are usually focused on creating a sense of unity.

Phoenix is the major city located in Arizona, and with a high quality of life and a relatively low cost of living, the city attracts many ex-pats each year. The thriving job market and an annual average salary of $49,500 means you may be able to further your career here in the enchanting region of Arizona.



There’s a reason The Red Hot Chilli Peppers seem to mention ‘California” in almost all of their iconic, chart-topping tracks; California is a place unlike any other. San Francisco in specific has been described as ‘the heart of the bohemian lifestyle.’  California stands as the best place in the world for anyone after an alternative lifestyle. The region is home to some of the friendliest and most welcoming locals. Upsetting issues such as racism and other forms of discrimination are not tolerated in California’s sunny region.

With an average annual salary of $69,700 and a flourishing job market, California is an excellent choice for professionals working in various industries. San Francisco is a lovely city to settle down in, with a thriving cultural scene and an incredible food diversity. The only major downfall to consider when relocating here is the relatively high cost of living. After thousands of tech companies set down roots in California, the cost of living rose substantially. However, with a high average annual income, you may be able to find career opportunities here that will ensure you can flourish while enjoying the vacation hotspot as your new home.


Colorado offers a few great places to settle down for ex-pats and American citizens as Denver and Colorado Springs are both cities with exceptionally high quality of life standards. What’s more, the average annual income here is around $50,000. Even though the cost of living is relatively high, the surreal vacation-like surrounds paired with low crime rates and a booming job market means you will be making a positive move.

From the Rocky Mountain National Park to the Garden Of Gods Tourist attraction, Colorado is an excellent place for anyone who has an inherent affinity for nature and enchanting landscapes. Situated between Utah and Kansas, you will also be well connected to neighboring tourist attractions and major cities.

#New York

Of course, New York has a rightful place on every list for the best places in America. More often than not, New York is the destination that comes to mind when contemplating the Americas. The city that never sleeps welcomes hoards of residents each year, and as the job market continues to grow dramatically, most residents move with the hope of an entirely new and improved life.

While New York offers tons of entertainment, vibrant nightlife, and enchanting architecture, the region is best for those after rewardingly busy city life. Even though Madison Square Garden is located here, there is not much natural beauty to enjoy in New York. The cost of living varies drastically depending on the specifics of the area you are heading to, as rentals can start at roughly $1200 for a studio apartment.


Florida is home to the iconic region of Miami and some of the best beaches in the world. The cost of living may be relatively high, although your everyday life will be absolute bliss. While the job market is most vibrant in Orlando, Wesley Chapel is another excellent destination for a flourishing job market.

Living in Florida means you will have close access to the iconic Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom Park, and the enchanting natural beauty of the Everglades National Park. The tourist attractions found in Florida are quite diverse. You can enjoy incredible theme parks, magical hotel stays, and various ways to indulge in the dense Florida landscapes. The weather here is also perfect for summer sun lovers as nearby beaches attract scores of travelers and tourists each year.

Planning Your Move To The US

If you are not an American citizen, moving to the Americas will require a bit of paperwork. You will need a US visa and a temporary permit or green card that will allow you access to the job market. Be sure to do as much research as possible to ensure all your documentation is in order by the time you arrive at your destination. An American bank account and health insurance will also be necessary when moving to the Americas to settle down. The Americas are well-known for cultural diversity, and the region is also widely considered a destination of endless opportunity.


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