The Sea-Tac airport is a fort and a local behemoth. The airport is situated in an aviation city. It was initially constructed during World War II. The primary purpose of the airport was to free up McChord Field and Boeing Field, and since then, it has tremendously grown to one of the busiest airports in the nation.

Seattle-Tacoma airport is significant in traffic even though it is small in actual size. That is because the entire airport covers only four square miles. Sea-Tac is currently the only commercial airport that serves the Tacoma and Seattle metro area.

The good part of the juice is that this airport has got fascinating things and features to explore. If you arrive early enough, you could spend some quality time at the airport. This article was created to assist new travelers at Sea-Tac airport to move about with much ease and discover new features in and around the airport. New tourists will therefore not get lost at the airport as well as sharpening skills for the regular commuters.

#How to Get to the Airport

Public Transportation

Getting to Seattle airport via the cheapest and most reliable option is taking the Link Light Rail. Usually, it would cost you around $2.25 – $3.25 depending on the distance. Probably it is not the fastest option, but it is a reliable one. Another advantage is that the rail system does not experience any traffic like the cab or a taxi would.

The station is located at the end of the parking garages on the opposite side. So you’ll check in to the airport via two sky bridges which are ideal for the haulable suitcases. Well, at times, taking the light rail may not be that convenient. The entire journey consumes about 50 minutes, meaning if there is no traffic, you can save a lot of time by road.

Consequently, the trains have scheduled times meaning that if your plane jets in late, you may miss the train and have to wait for the following day. However, you do not have to worry as there are numerous other options you can pursue.

Taking a car

Cabs on the downtown side offer flat rates to customers. The flat rate for Yellow cab, for example, is only $40. However, if you decide to take Lyft or an Uber, then you’ll pay around $25 – $60 depending on pick up location, route, and the traffic.

Driving to Sea-Tac

It is also another viable option that many people prefer. That could be because they have much luggage and public transport could be hectic if you have several bags. However, after coming with your vehicle, you’ll have to look for parking garages where you’ll leave the car. Do not worry about that as Parkos Seattle airport parking has got you covered.

They offer astounding parking deals to travelers who wish to leave their vehicles at the airport and collect them some other time. Parkos airport parking rates are highly competitive and convenient at the same time. They have the best deals for parking your car, especially if you are going to be away for more than one week.

There are also remarkable garages near Sea-Tac airport where you can park your vehicle and be sure it is in safe hands.

Seatac Airport parking rates are (February 2020) as follows:

  • Single day parking: USD 6.99
  • Weekly parking USD 49
  • Monthly Rate USD 180

For more information about the Parkos, parking services, click here.

#Getting through Security at Sea-Tac

Security at this stunning airport is a resounding, and there is no magical way through which you can bypass the security system. However, here are some few hacks you can practice:

  • Get to the airport in good time. Sea-Tac airport usually has more travelers than the number it was designed to handle. That technically means that the lines here could be extremely long and tedious. So you can prepare early enough and arrive at the airport before the queues get too long.
  • All gates are accessible from the checkpoints, though some inspections are nearer to a specific entrance than the others.
  • This airport has got five security checkpoints. These checkpoints could be worst or best at distinct times of the day.

#Where to have a meal at Seattle-Tacoma

So once you are done with the security protocol and everything, you can explore this airport. It is not that big, and you can discover various places where you can have something to eat.

Main Terminal

At the main terminal is Evergreens, where you can get something light and fast. You could also hop into Neighborhood Seattle, where you can grab a drink. The restaurant also has lots of local cuisines for travelers.

A gates

At the A gates is a flourishing vegetarian restaurant known at Floret. It is a place where you can grab something to eat between terminal B and A.

There are also standard bars here, which include Africa Lounge and Mountain Lounge.

B gates

Here there is a Rel’Lish Burger Lounge where travelers can quickly grab a snack or some light food. Sbarro is also another joint that will offer travelers mouth-watering meals and snacks.

C gates

In case your flight happens to be in entrance C, then you are lucky as you will not wander off to look for food. Beecher’s, which is the most fancied restaurant at Sea-Tac airport, offers travelers a plethora of snacks. Here you are sure to find breakfast sandwiches, grilled cheese, cheese, and macaroni.

Found here is the Caffe Vita, which also offers finger-licking meals and coffee. A vending machine is also available for travelers who want to grab something and walk away.

#Activities at Sea-Tac


Every concourse at this airport has around five to ten pieces of art. From the stone mosaics erected on the columns to the bronze fish art on the floor, this airport shows real artistic prowess. At the gates B, C and D is the Talking Fountains, which make some gurgling sounds when the button is pressed.

Music at Seattle airport

There is a resounding music program that takes place at this thrilling airport. Every day of the week, local artists are brought in to entertain travelers. These include Champagne Sunday and Tomo Nakayama. There is a web radio station at the airport that can be accessed using the airport’s Wi-Fi.

Shopping at Seattle Airport

There are numerous stalls where you can buy at this airport, including Sacred circle gallery gift shop, sub pop records, show pony boutique, Glassybaby, and the likes.


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