For anyone in love with tradition in its purest, organic form, Capadoccia, Turkey is a place likely to leave a mark. Seeing some representative photos of the region made us want to research more about this place, which seems sprung out from a lost and beautiful world.

Yunak Hotel is located in Cappadocia (aka “region of exceptional natural wonders”), an ancient Greek city on the current territory of Turkey, in eastern Anatolia and it consists of six cave-shaped homes with no less than 30 single rooms, some of them dating back as far as the 5′th century.

Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel may not be luxurious, nor spectacular, but to us, it looks flawless. The fact that its architecture is subtle and does not try to stand out in any way, makes it our kind of building. The hotel is perfectly integrated in its fantastic surrounding, as the materials employed do a great job further camouflaging the project.  Irregularly-shaped walls ensure the cave-like feel, while generous windows open up the rooms to the lava layers deposited over time.


A comfortable setting is created on the side if the building opposite to the seemingly sober facade, with the help of lovely table arrangements and comfortable seating. And the outdoor fireplace completes the perfect image.

Narrow passages and fascinating stone labyrinths lead the travelers to their designated rooms. Yunak serves as accommodation for tourists trying to discover Cappadocia. There are many things one can do in this beautiful part of Turkey, such as trekking, hot air ballooning, cycling and horseback riding.

We would be interested in knowing your opinion about the Yunak Evleri in Cappadocia. Does it seem like a place you would consider when in search for accommodation units ?


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