Sailing in France as a destination has increased steadily through recent years, inevitable perhaps, given the length and variation in the coastline and scenery. Moreover, the differences in the climate require different approaches and techniques for the sailing enthusiast. Here are three sailing destinations for venturing into fabulous landscapes:

#1. Canal du Midi

A unique attraction in France, Canal du Midi consists of an abundance of canals and rivers. Its waters can also be explored through sailing, giving one a totally different feel to the experience.

If you are on a lookout for a canal cruising that caters to the senses then the Canal du Midi would be a very suitable selection. It is conveniently located in the South of France on a journey that would take you through tiny villages such as Pexiora, through the wine region of Pays d’Oc and down to Carcassonne, then further down towards the Mediterranean town of Narbonne and finally to Beziers.

#2. Corsica

While not strictly connected to the French Mainland, Corsica is located in the Mediterranean just off of the South of France. Corsica is a fantastic sailing destination. Those utilizing yacht charters in the Mediterranean should strongly consider including Corsica into their Sailing itinerary.

The beaches here are absolutely magnificent with pristine waters and white sands. The island has a dense forest that can be explored through a number of pleasant walking trails through the island. The upmarket coastal towns have plenty of fine dining opportunities and some fantastic nightlife. Sailors will appreciate the gorgeous French Architecture upon arrival and the idyllic environment of an island that caters to your every mood. Whether relaxation, physical activity or exploration- Corsica will ultimately deliver all of the above.

#3. The French Riviera

I guess in most people’s minds, this region springs to mind as the most enticing region in France, even the world, to spend days sailing, whether it be Cannes, Nice, Monaco or St. Tropez. Admittedly, this is luxurious and expensive territory to venture into but who could resist the prospect of a gorgeous temperature, where the sailing conditions are extremely friendly and the coastline so obviously attractive?

Then, travel inland to sample the fine wines and the incredible array of restaurants and to people watch in the sun-kissed squares.

St. Tropez offers glitz and glamour in the form of boutique hotels, fancy restaurants, and upscale nightclubs. The high-end beach town attracts jet setters in their yachts from across the world and can be either relaxing or manic depending on your preferences and how late you stay up. Cannes as a high-end resort town is famous for its international film festival featuring top class art films, Palatial Hotels and wonderful Sandy Beaches. Monaco is the ultimate playground and tax haven for its rich and influential residents. While Nice is a historic and stunning coastal city with vibrant street life and interesting museums. On top of this, there are several little villages not too far inland, far away from the exotic but busy coastline just waiting to be explored.


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