ngorongoro crater lodge, tanzania (5)Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is an unusual accommodation unit suitable for safari passionates and explorers of the wild life of Africa. Located on the south-western rim of the famous Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania (one of Africa’s treasures and an UNESCO World Heritage Site), the lodge offers breathtaking views and unexpected meetings with the wilderness.

ngorongoro crater lodge, tanzania (2)The unusual hotel is surrounded by the Ngorongoro Conservation Area which spans 8,300 square kilometers between Kenyan Rift Valley and Serengeti Region (hosts the largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world) in Northern Tanzania.

The Ngorongoro Crater Lodge consists in adobe-colored houses with banana-leaf ceilings, mainly inspired by the traditional mud-and-stick manyatta homes of the Maasai. But the interior has another tone; the design is inspired by the old colonial-style, reminiscent of the baroque.

ngorongoro crater lodge, tanzania (4)Every suit has access to the terraces above the crater, the perfect place for enjoying the great landscapes of Ngorongoro. And it might be the best spot to serve your bush breakfasts and lunches.


The main activities here include guided walking safaris on dramatic routes around the crater’s rim, to visiting traditional Maasai villages. The hotel thus intermediates an unforgettable meeting with an ancestral culture, with mystical dances and the traditional African art. There are also guided tours to the beautiful lakes Ndutu and Eyasi, as well as to the challenging Empakaai Crater.

ngorongoro crater lodge, tanzania (7)Due to its location at an altitude of 2,375 metres, the nights can be quite cool, and in the winter months of June and July temperatures can drop under 10 degrees Celsius. In the rest of the year, the weather is warm.

The closest city to Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is Arusha at about 4.5 hours drive on a tarmac road, but along the way there are spectacular sights with lakes and vast fields.

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